Why SEO Gives You the Highest Converting Traffic

Hi folks you already know why you are here? In my thoughts, Search engine optimization (SEO) is those kind of topics which is misunderstood all over the internet. Not at all, my friend. Including you and me. People already made lots of gossips and discussions on over it. Still major search engines keep their search engine raking factors secret.

Why SEO Gives the Best Results

That’s not the end. Still there is no toolbar PageRank update from Google. They are trying to give the best search results for their users. They are fighting against spam more specific content duplication, mismatching search results, untrusted backlinks. Those days are gone when people put their new blog links on high PageRank blog to get some PageRank for their website.

SEO is updating more and more from a couple of years. Now SEO is very hard to understand to rank high on serp results. If you think you will build high authority websites overnight, then you are in a nightmare.

Now, it’s high time to get out of this kind of thoughts. It’s time to do SEO with proper attribute. Do you know SEO is the number one method which will give you the best converting traffic for your website?


There are lots of people who get thousands of traffic in a day, but in return they are useless. But for why? According to you do you did the right job for getting coverting traffic. Just think and look at your earnings. Because you made it from your passion, true love for blogging.

If you see in your account whatever monetizing method do you used, you will see you are not getting the right amount of earnings you deserved for it. You are getting lowest amounts of rewards. Because you made lots of mistakes at the time of marketing. You built spammy links. For this you are getting the wrong person at your product. In a return you are getting nothing from it.

Only proper SEO can give you that. Search engine optimization is the best method to get high quality traffics from search engines. When people search for a product, then they desire to go at a right place. They have also wished to buy that product from the authority site. In this way you can sell more with your website.

Here Google (Big Fish), wish to serve the best results for their users. Because they don’t want to serve wrong results and products for their customers. That is not only hamper their reputation, but also creates negative impact in their loyal user’s mind.

At the time of doing SEO for your website, you need to make yourself more conscious to create content, build backlinks. Suppose you have an “Antivirus software” product. Then connect people who are really interested in it. I deeply believe that search engine optimization can give this.

Your Turn

Search engine optimization is the number one method to reach thousands of potential customers. Believe it or not. They have lots of methods and strategies to build your website more worthy for customers.

Because if you use the proper SEO for your website then search engine will give you more value to your content. In a return your ranking will be increased and you will get lots of customers for your products.

Now tell me your story. What is your best converting traffic source?

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  1. My best converting traffic also comes from SEO. It is true that if you dont choose the right key phrases in the beginning you will waste a lot of effort and get low converting traffic in return.

  2. This is a nice write up Bro. SEO is the ultimate thing in blogging and this is directly linked with organic traffic. More SEO friendly article means more Organic traffic, means more affiliate income. 🙂

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