Ways To Speed Up Computer-Simply Ease Your Pain

When we do lots of work on our PC, then suddenly our PC becomes slow. We don’t understand, why does it happen??? Then we take help of many software. But, do you know there are many ways to speed up computer that can ease these problems.

But sometimes, this software can’t do well or we couldn’t find out the real software. Being sad, we have to reset up our windows. Then this is the only ways to speed up computer.

ways to speed up computer

We already shared how to partition a hard drive and lock a folder without help of software. I have gotten lots of response from you. For this consequence, I am writing this post about ways to speed up computer.

Have you ever thought about ways to speed up computer?

But my friends, now I have something for you to get rid of this problem. I have many ways to speed up computer. Today I will teach you a short tip, which will speed up computer or will give your PC a booster speed.

Then what you need to speed up computer??? Do you know the ways to speed up computer….???

So… Let’s start to speed up computer….

Follow these ways  to speed up computer–

  • At first, open the notepad from start menu. Then type or copy these and paste them there which are given below.

CD C:\WINDOWS\prefetch
CD Recent

  • Now, save the file as speed.bat.
  • Keep the file on your desktop.
  • If you double click the on the speedup, your PC will refresh and it will increase the speed of your PC.
  • If you want to get a better result, then delete these files from your run and refresh your PC by typing tree. The files are ‘%temp%’, ‘prefetch’, ‘recent.’

Now, your speed up computer can ease all these pains.f you like this post about ways to speed up computer, then please don’t forget to share it with social media and commenting about it.

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