New UnifiedCT Skype-Business Conference Room Software

The UnifiedCT Skype for Business compatible meeting room control software supports both on-premise and Office 365 implementations of Skype for Business. This software allows IT and AV departments to break away from the expensive “Lync Room Systems” now called “Skype Room Systems” traditionally available from companies like Crestron.

UnifiedCT Features

UnifiedCT feature list is pretty incredible when it comes to integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendars and even 3rd party video conferencing software like GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom.US.

  • Now users are no longer stuck with just Skype for Business or Lync. UnifiedCT is making dynamic Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync offices re-think the way they build a “Skype Room System”.


  • Now all you need is a PC to install the software on, a USB camera and a USB microphone. Of course “Lync Certified” or “Skype for Business” certified equipment is preferred but this opens up a whole new world for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Once you install the UTC Meeting Room Control Software you can decide to use it in locked down mode, which launches at start up for a dedicated video room solution. This solution allows the admin to choose which features the end users will have access to including access to the Windows OS.
  •  On the other hand, you can install the software in flexible mode allowing users the ability to launch the application from the Windows OS. In either mode, you can integrate your software with Microsoft Exhchange, Google Calendars and an unlimited amount of third party video conferencing applications.
  •  The UCT Meeting Control Software also allows users to create buttons for specific commands. Some of the features available for the UnifiedCT Meeting Room Control do require some programming knowledge but the core functionality is plug and play for most IT administrators.


  • UCT releases the Q2 update of it’s Microsoft Skype for Business Control Software. The software provides a turnkey solution for turning a regular PC into a powerful Lync Room Control System by integrating with both Microsoft Exchange and the native Skype for Business video client.
  •  The CRS Skype for Business Control Software  is being used by organizations looking for an alternative to the expensive “Lync Room Systems” offered by companies such as: Crestron, Polycom and SMART.
  •  The Q2 UCT Skype for Business Control Software update adds much requested features for integration with 3rd party web video conferencing providers such as: GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom.US. By integrating these platforms the software provides a seamless experience for end users who can use the calendar bar to “click to join” any meeting.
  • Other notable feature updates include: support for lync pictures, attachment support, languages (French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic),  personal calendar inclusion, google calendar integration and much more.
  • The UnifiedCT Meeting Room Control is available for a free 30 day demo. We encourage Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business users to try the software on a existing PC to fully understand compatibility and user interface. The user interface is customizable and you can deploy with branding for logos, colors and custom buttons.
  • The ideal implementation of UnifiedCT Meeting Room Control Software is users looking to simplify the end user experience in the conference room using Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business.
  • The interface does look very similar to a “Lync Room System” or “Skype for Business Room System” but UnifiedCT Meeting Control Software adds features that are above and beyond anything else available on the market.
  • Some of these features are simply easy for end users to interact with such as the personal exchange calendar inclusion which allows any user to add their personal exchange calendar to the meeting room display.
  • Another is exchange attachment support which allows users to interact with the attachments included in the exchange calendar invitations. This feature in particular supports password protection for end users to protect their private exchange attachments.
  • Other new features for UnifiedCT’s new software release include multiple language support including languages (French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic).
  • Perhaps the most powerful feature of UnifiedCT’s new Meeting Room Control Software is the ability to add unlimited support for 3rd patry video conferencing providers. Unlike the Microsoft certified Skype Room Systmes which are required to support only Skype, this software provides built in support for GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom.
  • US right out of the box. The software is open to allowing other API’s to be used for end user customization. A similar feature allows end users to create and remove buttons from the dashboard.

End users can create custom command buttons to further simplify the end user experience in dynamic and demanding applications. For more information visit



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