Twitter Facts And Stats in South Africa

Twitter is a very popular social media site. With twitter you can able to send tweet, read tweet and follow your favorite persons.Yes, you already heard about twitter?

I knew that, you all people answer will be yes. Twitter is a very famous online social networking website and micro blogging service website that’s users enables to send tweets and able to read tweets.Only registered users can read and post tweets. But unregistered users can only read them. Twitter was founded in March, 2006. Founder names are Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone. Its headquarters are situated in San Francisco, ca, u.s.a.

I hear that, twitter sees 218M monthly active users. And among them, 163.5 monthly mobile users. So what is the amount of daily users? Estimated 100M daily users and 500M tweets per day. And 7% Americans are using it. For further reading: Twitter Facts And Stats [Infographic]If you novice, now your question is what is tweets? Tweets is a text messages limited to 140 characters. For further reading: Twitter Sign Up Instructions for Novice

This post is around twitter facts and stats in South Africa. Now I am telling you something interesting about twitter in South Africa.

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Twitter Facts And Stats in South Africa [Infographics]

# 1.1million registered users in s.a.

# 405,000 active twitter users is South Africa

# 520,000 uniqe visitors in South Africa

# 3,470,000 tweets per month in South Africa

# 115,000 tweets per day in South Africa

# South Africa users generate 80 tweets every minute

# Most popular occupations student, artist,writer

# Most active S.A. cites Johannesburg 19,684

# Audience Interests blogging, web design, arts, music

Twitter has no age limit to use. Any one can make twitter sign up. For novice, today I am going to share you how to twitter sign up. In this tutorial, I will give you step by step guide for twitter sign up.



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