Worldwide Twitter Facts And Stats

Probably, you already heard about twitter? Most of the people have said yes. Twitter is popular online social networking sites.

It is also a micro blogging service that’s users’ enables to send and read tweets.If you thinking what tweets are then, tweets are those text messages that’s limited to 140 characters. For further reading : Twitter Sign Up Instructions for Novice

Only who are registered users can read  tweets and post tweets. But also unregistered twitter users can only read them. Twitter was founded in March, in the year 2006.It was founded by Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone. Its headquarters are situated in San Francisco, ca, u.s.a.

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Twitter facts and stats

1.       140 million active users

2.       100,000 tweets sent every 60 seconds

3.       More than ½ of active tweeter users follow companies, brands and products on social media

4.       57% of companies use twiiter for business

5.       67% of consumers are more likely to buy brands they follow

6.       70% of companies ignore complaints on twitter

7.       79% of us twitter followers are more likely to recommended a brand

Top 5 twitter #Profiles

1.       American Apparel: Insensitive promotion during hurricane sandy

2.       Shell Oil: Faced with a hoax parody twitter account

3.       Chick-fil-a: Stance on gay marriages creates a wildfire on twitter

4.       McDonalds: #McDstroies hashtag campaign gone wrong

5.       KitchenAid: Anti Obama tweet

Twitter has no age limit or restriction to use their service. Anyone can make twitter sign up.

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