Transfer Files From Pc to Pc -Hassle Free Method

Many times we transfer files from PC to PC. For this, we use many kinds of portable devices like portable hard disk, pen drive or something else. This time these devices help us a lot. But do you know we can change our style to transfer files from PC to PC?

You can use portable devices to transfer files from PC to pc….

Today I am going to share a post with you very interesting. It’s all about file sharing. Sometimes, we have to share different types, different sizes of files with our friends who are far away from us.

transfer files from pc to pc

Then we got trouble if the file sizes are so big from portable devices. Suppose your pen drive is 8 GB but yours is file exceeded 8 GB. Then that time what will you do.

Your friend is waiting to transfer files from PC to pc…….

Just think you need the files, but your pen drive’s space is out. In this situation, what will you do.. Lend a pen drive from your friend or something else. All up to you. What will you do to transfer files from PC to PC?

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But many of us don’t know how to transfer files from PC to PC without any accounts using internet. So… Now come to the main theme.

To transfer files from Pc to PC, we have to follow these steps given below………..

  1. At first go to this link given below…..
  2. Now select the file by Drag & Crop.
  3. In sometimes, you will see there a link. Now send this link to your friend.

Now your friend can download the file with the help of the link. And the main thing…. you have to on the PC until the download completes. I have shared highest 500 MB file in this way and as I know it depends on the internet speed to share any big files. So let’s enjoy to transfer files from PC to PC.


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