Top 5 Apps for AP Exam Preparation – Help Students with Testing Goals

Many high school level students will take AP Exams this year. This is a common testing opportunity to allow students to move ahead in their academics. Many of them will be able to earn college credit based upon their results. According to College Board, 2.5+ million students took some portion of AP Examinations in 2015. There are 37 different courses represented through this testing.

Fortunately for students preparing for the AP Exam, there are applications designed for study. These can help them to earn advanced placement opportunities. Each year courses go through updates and revisions. This means that students need to prepare themselves with the right study resources. Sample tests and other tools are included in the design of these applications. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Apps for AP Exam Preparation.


1 – AP Exam Review Flashcards Lite

This is a free internet resource that can be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device. It is a useful study tool for those about to take AP Exams. This app utilizes the flashcard approach for study. It allows students to focus on various components of this exam. There are 12 courses covered here and full version that costs.

2 – AP Exam Prep US Government & Politics

The full version of this app helps students to prepare specifically for the US Government and Politics portions of this exam. Review materials and interactive details are included in the design of this app. There are 35 topics here, questions, and other study material. Sample testing is also available with this preparation resource.

3 – AP Exam Prep Calculus

This preparatory app allows students to study for Calculus specifically. There is a shorter free version of the app available. There are 13 topics covered through the material here. Questions and testing resources are also included. This is considered to be one of the most comprehensive Calculus tools to prepare for AP Exams.

4 – AP Exam Prep Biology Lite

This is a short version of the deluxe application. The shorter version can be downloaded for free, while the longer version is a paid resource. It helps students to prepare for Biology AP testing. The lite app covers 12 topics thoroughly. Included in these are lessons about Natural Selection, Speciation and Extinction and Cell Death. The longer version covers 120 different topics.

5 – AP Exam Prep Psychology

The AP Exam Prep Psychology app provides students with a lot of assistance. Statistics and Ethics, Perceptual Processes, Genetics, Sleeping and Dreaming are some of the topics covered. The lite version of this application is also available as a free resource. It covers less material for students, however.

Not all students are terrific exam takers, no matter what their aptitude. This is why having good study resources is important. Those who want to advance their educational goals will likely take some portion of AP Exams. It is possible to purchase a variety of apps that are designed for this purpose. There are also free online materials that can assist in this process, as well.

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  1. My son had AP Classes last year. I had decided to take his classes under my observations so I had started online AP classes at our home only. He took lots of efforts while preparing for AP test. Now he has been admitted in the MIT University due to good marks in AP exam.

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