Top 10 Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

Blog are essential for business. I think, every business should have a blog. There are many blogs over the internet. I listed top 10 blogs to read for all.

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Top 10 Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

Top 10 Blogs Every Marketer Should Read


Author: Brian Solis

Who: NYT best selling author, speaker,consultant

Topics: Social media, technology, emerging business

Social media: 195K twitter followers, 120 k google plus followers

Value: The authority on social business and how new technology is shapping business and marketing.


Author: Paul Gillin

Author, columnist, speaker, B2B social media consultant

Topics: B2B marketing social media open enterprise

Social media: 12k twitter followers

Value: Consultant to big brands,delivering intelligent coverage of vital B2B marketing trends and strategy ideas.


Author: Seth Godin

Who: Best selling author, lecturer,marketing guru,entrepreneur

Topics: Social media branding

Social media 305 K twitter followers, 110k google plus followers

Value: Americas greatest marketer shares his creative marketing insights and big pictures thoughts on branding.


Author: Amy Porterfield

Topics: Social Media ,Content marketing

Social media: 65 K twitter followers,15 k google plus

Value: A powerful social media influencer


Author: Jay Baer

Who: Best selling author.speaker,consultant

Topics: Content marketing, social media

Topics: 90 k twitter followers, 22k google plus followers

Value: Top resource for content marketing


Author: Ann Handley

Who: Author,speaker,content chief

Topics: Content marketing and social media

Social Media: 188 K twitter followers, 15 K google plus followers

Value: One of the most influencial women in social media


Author: Jeremiah Owyang

Who: Researcher

Topics: Social business

Social media: 137 K twitter followers

Value: Highly praised authority on social strategy




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