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What to do when you have built a number of successful online businesses but never told anyone? We started building businesses about 5 years ago and have had a lot of successes and failures along the way. It is high time to start your own online business.

We both are self-taught and have years of experience building SaaS products as well as online stores. Last year we set out to start sharing our stories with everyone.

Inspiration To Start Your Own Online Business

We own and operate a software development company and felt like it was time to dispel some of the myths of starting an online business. I had a number of friends asking me to build them sites or online stores.

Most of what we do is easy. I’m not saying it doesn’t take work. It does. It takes hours and hours of work. What I’m saying though is that just about anyone can do it.


We wanted to start sharing with people how easy it is to start your own online business and launch your own store. We continue to refine our products and services along the way. If you follow this, you can easily start your own online business.

Just another example to start your own online business. I have lot’s of blogger friends who are already established their career as a blogger or freelancer. Lots of time, i have seen that they are enjoying their holiday’s at outside of his country.

But here my question is how they gathered this kind of amount to spend holiday at outside of their country. Not only that they are also driving brand new car for their personal use. They are also living in big flat. How is this possible?

Be sure that they are not a smuggler or thief. They are professional blogger. Most of the income, they are gathered from blogging. So, in this situation you can take inspiration from here. From here, you can start blogging.

From Where To Start Your Own Online Business

Our blog at Long Live The Internet is designed to share that experience with our readers. We are constantly testing new online marketing avenues as well as new online businesses.

We wrote a book last year about starting an online store. It’s a complete step by step guide to starting your own ecommerce site. But apart from the book, we hope to touch many people pursuing an online business.

The irony of all of this is that we never had a voice before. We a number of online businesses but don’t have a community. We never created a community and never got all of our people together under one roof.

That’s what we have set out to do at Long Live The Internet. Hopefully from some of our successes and failures, people can learn how to start your own online businesses.

I leave you with a funny story to orchestrate how far we have come. When I was in college I started by first online business. I naively thought I would compete with eBay. I spent almost two years of my life chasing a project that was dead in the water. Despite the fact that I had no chance of competing, I learned a ton from this.

I learned the basics of online marketing that have made me successful today. I’m forever thankful and hope you will follow our journey if you are thinking about starting an online business yourself.

Hope, you guys get some knowledge on how you can start your own online business. If you found this tips on how to start your own online business, then don’t forget to share this on social media.

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