Smart Mobile Shoppers Behaviors

Are you smart mobile shoppers? Some one will be yes and someone will else. What behaviors you are following when acted as smart mobile shoppers?

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Smart Mobile Shoppers Behaviors

Top areas of smart mobile shopping growth:

  1. +180% home improvement
  2. +135% beauty and personal care
  3. +145% finance

“I use this device most times I shop”:

Now 26% to 38%

“I will be using this device for shopping even more in the future”:

Future 33% to 47%

Mobile Shopping happens everywhere:

  1. 84% at home
  2. 51% in store
  3. 46% in line
  4. 38% getting somewhere
  5. 77% also view content unrelated to what they are in a store for.

Ads that capture their attention:

  1. 84% offer something of value
  2. 83% location aware
  3. 81% personalized to interests or background

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