3 Reasons To Fire Your SEO Agency

Long gone are the days when SEO was all about who could build the most links within the shortest time. Enter the post-panda, post-penguin era and everyone just wants to know what’s lurking behind the corner. What new algorithm updates will Google roll out next and will they affect the bad guys only or will there be collateral damage?

Such as are the questions that keep most webmasters up at night, but should they be undergoing all this? Well, not if they have a competent and experienced SEO company.

While search engines may have indeed caught up with us, it doesn’t mean that we should be in a perpetual state of fear, reason why you should fire your SEO company if it is guilty of any of this;

  1. You have no idea what your SEO company is doing every month

Sure, SEO is pretty much a jargon filled profession. This however doesn’t mean that you should be sidelined from all the activities of your site’s optimization.

Every SEO agent has an obligation to take you through the processes involved step by step. That means that the reports provided should also be presented in such a way that you can understand them, after all, what is their use if you cant make head or tail of them?

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On the other hand, there is need to get regular reports from your agent. These reports should clearly explain the progress of the project in an easy to understand manner.

This way, you will have an understanding of all the changes you are experiencing in your site. Better yet, you’ll also get to know whether the company is using legit techniques and strategies.

  1. Your SEO company is not talking about content and its importance

Producing great content is no longer an option, it is a must have. Therefore, if you are dealing with a company that does not understand this concept or is yet to come in to terms with the fact that content is indeed king, then there is need to fire them.

With benefits of content marketing spanning from higher organic search rankings to stronger social following, there is no arguing that you actually need a SEO company which knows its way around content marketing.

  1. Your SEO company insists on keepings its strategies and techniques a secret

First of all, we all know that reputable SEO experts like Mikhail Khorev value transparency in SEO services. So if you are dealing with a SEO company that is reluctant on opening up about its strategies and prefers to call them its trade secrets, it is about time you made some changes.

Secondly, it is no longer a secret that SEO is 70% science and 30% art, meaning that majority of the processes involved have detailed reports to back them up. Do not be intimidated by your SEO agent, inquire on the progress and processes involved as frequently as possible.

The best SEO agent will always pull up a chair to their desk and invite you for a talk whenever you have a query.

Don’t get it wrong, your SEO company is the one working for you, not the other way round.


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