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Every day, we share lots of files for many reasons. Either it is for business purpose or for office works. Also, there are lots of company who needs to send files around the world for many purposes. But anyone can surely say about their data was securely sent. So there is no confirmation. But my question is for how many times do you want to send your files insecurely.

I know you have no answer. File sharing is very important in your regular works. No one can do their job without file sharing till you are in the online business. You can’t think your business without file sharing.

Rushfiles Solution to Securely Share Data

So file sharing is very important in every business. Every person or company has rules and regulations about their work. They don’t want to publicize their work. Because, they have lots of reputation and secure things involved. That can harm their business, returning earnings and much more.


There are lots of solutions to get rid of these problems. RushFiles A/S can solve your problem. They are no 1 secure data sharing solution provider for you. You can use their service to share your data securely. They have lots of features for their customers. They have also enterprise solution for you.

Rushfiles App Features & Benefits

  • If you are a service provider, then you must need an arranged file sharing protocol to meet the challenge. If someone buys from you, then they must give high user experience for their customers. Rushfiles will give your customers to full control of your data.
  • RushFiles can provide software solutions for your data centers. Also you can choose a service model for your database.
  • You can brand your identity in this solution. Even on behalf of your customers you can fully customize business identity. For better customer experience, you need to brand your design.
  • You can make your file sharing for corporate solution is very easy. You can share your files anywhere, access your site anytime. You don’t have any problem to work on any device. You have full control, file replacement facilities.
  • You can see what’s happening instantly.

If you are a service provider the benefit is—

  • Scale to Support Thousands of Customers
  • Rebranding: Your Corporate Identity
  • All our Client Software is Free of Charge
  • Unlimited Colors & Custom Backgrounds
  • API integration with any Control Panels
  • Free and Unlimited Tech Support

If you are a customer the benefit is—

  • Access Company Files via Mobile Devices
  • Sync and Share with Company Outsiders
  • No More Large Mails + An FTP Alternative
  • Access To Your Digital Office Everywhere
  • Video Tutorials and Documentation
  • Safe Enterprise-Grade Cloud Storage

Your Takeaway

So what is your decision? Do you continually share your file without secure connection or you want to use secure solution. If secure solution then you can try RushFiles. I swear it will make a difference for you.

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