Rimbit- Best Way to Predict The Future

Hello friends, how are you all? Today, I am with a new blog post. I already talked about Bitcoin. Today, I will give you another useful information about Rimbit. Rimbit is a crypto currency just like Bitcoin service. Rimbit is a form of digital currency. Rimbit combined the code of a few currencies.

Also, Rimbit included Bitcoin and removed the flaws. No person controls it. It is automatically and electronically controlled. Rimbit is not a printed currency. It is created by people for increasing business. It is a running computers all around the world that uses softwares to solve mathematical problems.

Not only that, it’s also different from normal currencies. You can buy things electronically by using Rimbit. It is one kind of conventional dollars like taka, euros or yen, which is also traded digitally.


Rimbit is not at the stage yet, but it’s gaining popularity dramatically. Day by day, it’s growing its popularity. And it is used among merchants. The important factor about Rimbit is a conventional money ant it’s not decentralized. No single institution is not controlling  the Rimbit Network.

You will be happy to know that Rimbit is the first digital currency to remove minning from the public by doing initial and total minning. You know, digital currency was born of the belief. And this is the currency for the people  and decentralized.

How To Use Rimbit?

You just need to download wallet for your operating system. Once, you install this free wallet, then it will generate your first Rimbit wallet address. You can send or receive Rimbit from any other wallet that can be your friends, relatives  and merchants. It seems like to be Bitcoin. It’s also increasing the value of the USD. That’s why more people are using it.

Not only that, Rimbit will generate interest  annually for your account. It will generate 5% interest per annually on the Rimbit amount on your account. Also Rimbit creates people’s interest. When more people will use Rimbit, then there will be enough Rimbit for everyone on the planet.

So How do I get Rimbit?

I already told you Rimbit is a community run project. Rimbit is using indiegogo to promote it. You can join a forum to ask and solve your problems. Rimbit use Indiegogo to pay salary for their contributors.

Final Words:

Unlike Bitcoin, Rimbit is not using third party involvement in their system and they are not relying on miners like Bitcoin does. You know Bitcoin is already facing issues because of miners are stopping their work. Rimbit is already a running project and a community running project. You can rely on Rimbit without any tension. Because,  Rimbit is a community running project and not the miners.


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