Repair Corrupted Memory Card-Very Easy Task

Now we are passing through the era of information technology. Science has given lots of internet technology for us. And memory card is one of them. This post is all around how to repair corrupted memory card very effectively through right ways.

You can save your most important data,picture,video,audio file etc in it. Not only that, you can also storage memorable picture in our mobile memory card.But at first we need to know how to repair memory card.

We everybody know that,everything has 2 good portion. One is good and another is bad. See also: how to use whatsapp on pc?

Probably, you are finding how to repair corrupted memory card?

Sometimes we open out these memory card at the time of data transferring. Somehow, if it is disconnected, you will unable to use this memory card. Then you will face lots of problems. You just need to know about repair corrupted memory card through right ways.

repair corrupted memory card
At last losing your personal important documents, you will feel bad. But there is solution how to repair corrupted memory card. You can recover this memory cards in many ways. But fully damaged or physically damaged memory card recovery is tougher.

Do you know how to repair corrupted memory card………..?

After that, at the time of computer era, everything is possible.Now I am telling you, how to repair corrupted memory card. You just need to use data recovery software.

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Many times we have seen that memory card is unusable in computers. But all the documents are stored in memory card. In this situation, data is presented in memory card but computer or any other device is unable to read.

At that anyone can think his memory may be totally damaged. But anyone can recover his memory card by using recovery software.

If you want to repair corrupted memory card, you just need to do this thing:

  1. At first, put your memory card in card reader and connect it in your computer. Keep it in mind that if its icon is shown like hard disk another drives or file explorer, it is totally ok. But you cannot entered it.
  2. Now go to windows start menu. And type cmd.
  3. Then you will see command prompt in upper side of the computer screen.
  4. Now run as an administrator by clicking right button and open it.
  5. After that command prompt will be opened. Then type chkdskmr and press enter. Now here m is memory cards drive.
  6. After that computers card drive will show something. Write it here and give sometime to check disk to finish his work.
  7. Now convertlostchainsto files will come and then type “y”.

In this case, if file structure is good, you can use your information again. And if memory card is shown “invalid file system” then click format button below the drive.

Choose FAT from file system and uncheck quick format button and then click Format button. After finishing format, you can use this memory card by losing your information.

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