How To Recall An Email In Outlook 2013

Have you ever been in a situation where you sent an incomplete email to someone, or perhaps you sent it to the wrong recipient by mistake? Then you are certainly familiar with the embarrassment that is associated with it.

Have you ever wished if you could recall or essentially un-send an email after pressing send? If so, then the below-mentioned information is going to help you a great deal.

With outlook 2013, you can actually recall an email immediately after sending. Let us have the liberty of accentuating the guide to recalling an email in outlook 2013 for your better understanding.


How To Recall An Email In Outlook 2013?

You are required to immediately follow the steps below in order to recall an email in outlook 2013.

  • Scroll through the folders and locate the one that reads Sent Items.
  • Now scroll through the list of messages in your sent items and locate the one that you would like to recall.
  • Once you have selected the email that you would like to recall, you are required to click on the ribbon or menu button right next to it.
  • From the bunch of options that you find in the menu, click on the one that reads Recall this message.
  • Now enable the option that reads “delete unread copies of this message” in order to properly recall the message in outlook 2013.
  • Remember that you can also choose to replace the email with a different one. For this purpose, you need to follow the same steps but towards the end, you will choose the option that reads “delete unread copies and replace with a new message”.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the “tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” option in order to be notified about the success or failure of your recall procedure.
  • If you had chosen the replace option, press ok and type in your new message before hitting send.

Reasons For Failure Of Recall Procedure:

It is indispensable to mention here that your request to recall a sent email may fail due to a number of reasons. For instance, if the recipient is not making use of Outlook in the first place or if he is not currently logged into the mail service provider, it may lead to a failure in recalling an email. Moreover, if the recipient is working offline or the Cached exchange mode is being utilized, it can also contribute to the failure.

Lastly, if the email has already been read or has been moved from the inbox, it would not be possible for the recall feature to be successful.

As evident from the information mentioned above, recalling a sent email in Outlook 2013 isn’t as complicated of a process as it may seem to be. However, since it is necessary for an email to be unread in order for it to be recalled, the user is advised to immediately take action in case of sending an email by mistake.

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