Who Really Uses Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox is the number one web browser for internet users. Most of the people uses Mozilla firefox for web browsing. It’s the no 1 browsers for all.

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Who Uses Mozilla Firefox [Infographics]

Mozilla Firefox Statics

Mozilla firefox by the numbers

  1.  The approximate percent of internet users that uses firefox is 24.5%
  2. The number of times firefox has been downloaded since 2004 is 1.3 billion
  3. Top 3 countries are u.s. , germany, brazil


  1. Number of firefox add-ons downloaded 1.88 billion
  2. Number of firefox add-ons in use 149 million
  3. Number of firefox add-ons created 53,600
  4. Numbers of addons indexed at Mozilla. Org is 11,929

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  1. Vulnerbilities found in 2007-2008 is 122
  2. Vulnerbilities found in 2008-2009 IS 99
  3. Average time in days to fix a vulnerability <1

Miscellaneous Numbers

  1. The year firefox was publicly released is 2004
  2. Number of firefox public version releases, including future releases
  3. Number of Mozilla corporation employess 250+
  4. Firefox 3.6’s score out of 100 in the acid3 test for standards compliance
  5. File size in megabytes of firefox 3.6.3
  6. The number of tabs typical firefox user has open 2-3

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