Quarkchain Review

The birth of Bitcoin by all standards has been a redefining moment for the world’s economy. Now the creation and distribution of value is no longer the exclusive forte of central banks and authorities around the world as a stable peer-to-peer value system is now fully functional around the world.

However, despite the tremendous achievements of Bitcoin and the boundless potential of the blockchain technology that powers it, problems continue to plague this brave new technology prominent among them being the issue of scalability which threatens to derail its spread.

Quarkchain Review

Bitcoin’s own blockchain only has the capacity to process a meager 7 transactions per second, while on the other hand, the VISA network is able to process up to half a million transactions every second. Up till now, the cost of decentralization has been in the stifling of transaction speed which is a fundamental requirement for any modern economic vehicle.

The QuarkChain Solution

QuarkChain is an all-new blockchain based solutions platform that seeks to reinvent the blockchain technology once again as Ethereum did in 2014 with its Smart Contract feature. QuarkChain is a platform that seeks to unleash the full potential of the blockchain technology by providing a completely functional scalable transaction network that does not compromise on either decentralization or the integrity and security of the network infrastructure.

QuarkChain seeks to achieve this by deploying a cutting-edge sharding technology which will greatly expand the network’s ability to process up a million transactions per second, surpassing any known centralized network (such as VISA) while further encouraging decentralization and fairness among those that participate in upholding the network processes.

An In-Inclusive Platform

With its revolutionary sharding technology, QuarkChain is a network that will bypass all the problems that currently plague the invention efforts of the present blockchain platforms to finally achieve scaling. As of present most blockchains have to sacrifice decentralization, security or scalability itself to stay afloat.

QuarkChain is the first platform that is set to buck that trend by deploying a doubled-layered blockchain framework with elastic shards being the upper layer, expanding the reach and capacity of the network while the root layer hosting servers as the sound footing that confirms transactions from these elastic shards.

QuarkChain is a platform that offers weak miners and inexpensive node holders the opportunity to fully utilize their potentials without joining mining pools on the network. Every participant on the QuarkChain blockchain is adequately compensated, and with over 50% of the generated hash power being channeled to the root blockchain security is held to the highest standards eliminating any threat of double-spending on the QuarkChain network.

Lastly, in order to ensure maximum penetration QuarkChain is designed with maximum usability for its consumers as one can manage all transactions, (even cross-shard ones) from the convenience of a single account, making it the most user-friendly of the third generation blockchains now emerging in the industry.


The QuarkChain team is led by Founder and CEO Qi Zhou, an experienced tech expert with years of experience at Google, and unparalleled skills in high-performance systems engineering. Other prominent members of the team include Zhaoguang Wao from Facebook, prominent research scientist Xiaolin Ma, Wencen Wu, and super marketing Guru Anthurine Xiang among others.

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