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The thing that all parents are constantly repeating is telling their kids to stop playing video games. It’s because they don’t want their kids to be socially isolated, lazy or to have a learning deficiency.

But the truth is that while there are games which cannot effect on kid’s development, there are other games that can help. The results of many types of research specify that video games can make kids smarter. We cannot deny it that video games are taking a huge part of the kid’s life.

As a parent sure you don’t want the best for your child, so it’s quite reasonable to search an explanation for “how video games affect the children’s brain?”, or “are video games just a waste of time?” Well, many academics and scientists involved in a study on this issue notice that video games can make your kids smarter. How is that possible?

First, you have to know that video games are learning tools because they require problem-solving. During the game, every level has its difficulties. In the initial levels, the player is confronted with basic problems. The scientists named these problems as tutorials for building the problem-solving skill. If the player manages to solve the “initial” problems, he will be able to solve more complex problems.

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For instance, the player is confronted with a new problem, a new type of monster. To solve the problem, he will redesign his basic problem-solving skill by integrating the old skills with the new one. This cycle is recurred trough the game.

Video games are a great way for developing strategic thinking. Taking part in a video game is similar to working on a science project. If you want to win the game you have to find the right strategy. That is the same thing that the students in a laboratory do. For example, the player has to release the victims that are capped by the pirates.

He creates a strategy for his path of movement, the type of weapon he will use and many other things. Then he tries to complete his plan. That way he’ll know if the plan was the right one. If he fails in his first attempt to release the victims, he has to make a new plan for the next time he will play.

Gaming can be used as an effective tool for educating your child. Even if they don’t look educational at first sight, there are games based on real facts (such as economics, management, and historical events). They can offer real learning opportunities. Most of the kids would rather learn history while playing a game, instead of studying from a book.

It’s because they have an active role in the game (which is not a case with the passive forms of entertainment, books or TV). Here at unblocked at school games they provide fun flash games for kids to play.

Playing games can help developing analytical skills. If you ask a child to make an analysis of some well-known history person, you’ll get a few dry sentences. But if you ask him to describe his created character in some role-playing game, he may be able to speak for hours. It’s because the gaming gives them a better sense of analysis of the situations.

Colin Wilkinson, the manager at a game development studio, says that children find talking about the likes and dislikes of the games they play enjoying. That way the children are developing critical thinking about the world around them and their place within it.

If you want to make smart use of the video games as tools for your child’s development, you have to make sure about two things. First, check the content of the game your child is playing (make sure it’s appropriate for his age). Second, set a limit of his gaming time. It’s for the good of your loved one.


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