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Load Times Still Pose Problems for Websites & How to Stop Your Website From Losing Money.A new report from Clustrix finds that the 2014 holiday shopping season left many online shoppers dissatisfied.

64% of shoppers reported that they experienced slow load times shopping online, to the extent that they left the website altogether; 30% left and went to a competing site. 50% of study respondents said they left a website if they waited longer than 3 seconds for a page to load.

The Goal: Never Have Customers Bounce Off Your Site Because of Slow Speed!

Despite advancements in site structure and technology, load times continue to plague e-commerce owners and owners of all websites. Average load times decreased by 21% in 2014, and the Search Engine Journal reports that 75 percent of individuals who visit a site during peak traffic times are willing to visit a competitor’s site if they experience slow load times.

Intolerance for slow load times is increasing, too. Research from Radware found that in 2010, a site that took 6 seconds to load experienced a 40% decrease in conversions, while sites that took 6 seconds to load in 2014 had conversion rates drop by 50%.

We also know that Google now factors load speeds into its ranking algorithm, which means that even though slow load times hinder a user’s experience, they also hinder a site’s chances for ranking high on a SERP.

PickupHost Has the Solution to Solve the Speed of Your Site & Increase Your Sales

Danny Johananoff, CEO of web hosting comparison site PickupHost, says websites should be able to optimize for speed regardless of the size of their site, and that many web hosting providers are already rising to the challenge to offer hosting platforms with content delivery networks, fast networks, and other speed accelerating features.

To help website owners optimize their sites for speed, Johananoff’s hosting comparison site has recently launched an innovative speed test tool to find the fastest hosting provider. This will help your site make more!.


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