How To Partition A Hard Drive Without Any Software

Hard drive is the most important thing.We all do the partition a hard drive with the help of software. But have you ever think about the partition a hard drive without any software. Isn’t it interesting!!!! Very interesting matter, as per I think.

Partition a hard drive without any software….very funny!!!!

There are many users who known’s everything about a computer. But most of them don’t know how to partition a hard drive. Some people think that, it’s impossible. But it’s possible. See also: How to lock a folder?

Do you want to partition a hard drive without any software…….?

Hard drive is the most important thing where we keep all our important things. But don’t even think about partition a hard drive. But this can be required if you fall in the situation.

But today I will show you how to partition a hard drive without software….Let’s see…!!!

1) At first point your mouse on My Computer and the click the right button of your mouse to go to the Manage option.


partition a hard drive

2) Now you have to go to the Disk Management. Then it will show you the total partition.


partition a hard drive


3) Now point the mouse on that drive will give space to make a new partition drive. Then click on the SHRINK VOLUME.


partition a hard drive


4) Now you can see that how much space is in that drive.


partition a hard drive

5) Now select the quantity of the new drive that what will be its limit.

Now click on SHRINK and after that wait for some times. After some time, you will see that you have made a new drive without help of any software….

At the last, you have to restart your pc. I hope then you can use your drive as you want to use.

I have tried my best to give you accurate how to partition a hard drive…If you found this post very useful, then please don’t forget to share this post on social media. We really need it…………
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