All In One Compact iPhone Case

Most iPhone users confront two continual headaches with their iPhones
– Out of memory, storage
– Low or No battery or power left

No way to add more memory but to delete pictures and videos.
Usually this is done in a rush as the immediate pictures or videos are most important. Now what happens is the wrong images/videos are deleted.


Only way to have enough battery to get through the day is carry around a heavy clunky power bank and yes the charging cable. Not convenient and usually forgotten.The Realvox Kuner case is ultra light and Ultra Slim.

The outstanding charger case with built-in storage for the iPhone 6/6s. The extra 16GB memory allows for 30,000 more photos, 7.2 hours of more video and 6,000 more songs.


Rechargeable 2400mAh lithium ion polymer battery with 16GB of built-in storage and protective case in one.
Provides you twice the battery life of the iPhone 6/6s — Up to 8.8 hours of talk time on 4G and LTE.
Super compact iPhone 6 charging case is light weight, only 69 grams, hardly feel the existing of the case.

The memory case takes use of TOSHIBA MLC fast data storage memory chip under eMMC standard. TI power management chips are used on the charger case to control and protect iPhone.

Take pictures freely and never miss that one important shot again
Never worry and upset again deleting the wrong pictures/videos in rush!
Never worry again forgetting your power bank or charging cord.
No need to jailbreak again, stores your documents freely into iPhone without jail breaking it!


Usually when you need to charge the iPhone during the day you have little time if you are on the go the Kuner Fast charge system takes only 45 minutes to a full charge.

Make life’s little annoyances disappear, the Kuner Smart Case is the Solution
Maybe iPhone should have thought of this.
Even the 2400mAh batter is from the iPhone original supplier factory.

See and learn more via this link.

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