A Free Mobile Phone Tracker-Are These Tracking Services Possible?

There seems quite a demand for legit mobile phone trackers. Best of all a free service is always appealing to anyone. So how can we use mobile phone tracking services to locate and trace a person by their phone?

There is a whole a bunch of new mobile phone tracking applications appearing on the internet. With modern smartphones getting more advanced, these services are becoming reality.

Authorities have access to all kinds of high technology equipment, which has been known to locate criminal activity and more. However, there are many privacy concerns that go with this. So it’s not always easy to find a solution.

One advantage of locating a person and tracking them by their phone today, is the constant use of GPS on phones. With every phone coming standard with GPS fitted, it’s likely that you could be leaving behind a trail of your daily journey.

Although GPS relays this information, it’s also possible for certain services to track your movements through GSM triangulation. This is calculated by how near your phone is to a GSM phone mast. This method isn’t quite as precise as GPS though.

Mobile Phone Tracker

A free mobile phone tracker can be searched online but often the accuracy is unknown. A sure way to track a persons phone would be to use one of the many paid services available.

Often labelled as ‘Spy apps’ these phone apps can be purchased for a small fee. The only downside is that they have to be installed on the target phone, in order for them to start mobile phone tracking.

With the use of one of the many spy phone tracking applications available, once they are set in place they can run silently and give massively accurate information about the targeted phones location. This can be often accessed remotely from anywhere in the world.

A common use would be a business using it to keep track of its employees. Obviously the employee would need to know they are being tracked.

So are free mobile phone trackers possible? Yes and no. It might not be quite as easy as you think, it may require a paid service but there are quite a few new promising options available.

In the future it’s likely to get easier, however with more advanced tracking services comes more privacy issues and concerns. Not everyone is comfortable about the thought of their mobile phone location being tracked..


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  1. Hey Taposh,

    You have provided a great tool here. People will love to know about mobile phone tracker. It is always good to keep your phone safe.

    Is it only for Android or for any other operating system too?

  2. Hi Taposh,
    Phone trackers are very important in these days, thanks for sharing these useful information.

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