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All off my readers might be aware that i am running TalkAndTalkers Interview series on my blog and this is my second interview from this series. Today my interview person is Entrepreneur, Editor, Writer Mr.Karan Chopra.

I started this interview series for giving you some true inspiration so that you can learn the tacties from successful bloggers. Karan chopra is an Entrepreneur, Editor, Writer and blogger. You can do guest blogging on her website

I think you will get some true inspiration from here.You can check my previous interview from here- Upcoming Problogger Vishal Sharma From Allbloggingways  Thanks from my heart on behalf of TalkAndTalkers readers to Karan Chopra.

Karan Chopra

As a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself? 

Hey Guys, My name is Karan Chopra from New Delhi, India. I’m working as the CEO at G2One Network, an Internet Media Company specializing in advertising, content marketing and social media. I’m also the founder at 99DollarWebsite and editor/writer at I2Mag,,,, JustInfo.Graphics,, NextBigProduct , WPLove, NextBigUpdate, TheFamousList and HundredCoupons.

Do you think, blogging is a good alternative of regular Job? If yes, then why?

I think YES. The reason because if one plan the things well. S/he can make real good amount, even more than what one earns per annum on average.

How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?

As of now I am currently 12 publications and a service. While, if one thing the number is huge, BUT, if I say in actual it is not. I put up on an average three to four hours per day. Reason because I plan all the things well in advance, sometimes even a week or two in advance. Things like content and how to market, all already being planned (my part of strategy to make things big). A note, except these publications, I got other upcoming businesses too with me, this is on what I am currently working on, bringing per day working hours number to 10 to 14 hours.

Which blog which you follow regularly?

Virgin company’s blog – I am big fan of that blog-cum-website. While second on note, I keep an eye on number of blogs, such as FWA blog, AWWWARD blog, SmartPassiveIncome.

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?

Although the list is big BUT if I like to name the few, I like all the paid offerings from Google. They are good, really good. AnyMeeting for holding online webinars/conferences. for file sharing, imgur for photo sharing, Web Buttons to get rid of frustration. For free tools, again Google tops my list.

Mistakes are always a part of life. Have you ever made mistakes as a newbie blogger? If yes, what were they and what lesson did you learn from them?

I think so YES, I did. It happens the time three years ago when I launched my first publication I2Mag. At that time I am not aware of Google search engine game. But with time, I experienced in the same in such a way that as of now, I had completed a total of over 2200 projects in last three years. J The lessons I learnt was understand things well, plan your strategy and win the race.

According to you, what are the most use Plugins for a WordPress user?

Well for the answer of this question, I will suggest you to check my recently published six part article series in which I talked about all the possible “most use” plugins for a WordPress user.

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According to you, What’s the best and worst features of WordPress?

I don’t think so it is correct to answer this question as whether it’s good or bad feature, one have to accept it. While, on another thought, if one consider things properly, whatever new changes come into existence they are for our help only while if still WordPress developer team looses or miss something, then they make it release in version X.X.1 (maintenance release).

The new Bloggers often finds it difficult to drive traffic to their blog. When you were new to blogging, how did you manage to bring lots of traffic to your blogs?

Single word answer for this “NETWORKING,” whether you do it online or offline. If you get the right network of people with you, traffic itself comes to you. Together, in my all publications, we are getting over 1.5 million traffic per month and it is all because of the people I know and the people who know me.

How can a new blogger make a decent income from his blog?
If you think on running a blog with that aim, trust me my friend, you will not earn any “DECENT” income BUT if you aims first only to offer something real worthwhile to the end users.

According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?

Understanding on what you plan onto write (share with end users), your NETWORK of people and Believe in youself (as blogging is one such career which require some real good patience in you).

If a website has good content, it is necessary to get good page rank for higher serp? How Pagerank effect serp?

Well it does because the way Google planning things day-to-day, things getting up and down a lot. Although one can’t predict anything for long BUT one always require to keep an eye on what current updates Google is bringing on.

Do you think of a new website after getting Pagerank they will see some traffic?

Even before getting a Pagerank, a new website will see some traffic. Before 2013, Google brings on at least four algorithmic updates in Pagerank and with time, since from last year, the number reduced already.

How do you Monetize your Blog?

Affiliates, Sponsored Contents, Direct Advertising.

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

The best moment is that when people know me well, replied me back and even ask me questions on to help them solving their problems.

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

Just believe in yourself and work honestly.

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