How Many facebook Users Globally Have

How many facebook users globally have, it is a million dollar questions? There is no doubt to say that; face book is the best and most using social networking sites.

It has huge users worldwide. The actual how many facebook users globally have, we don’t know. In the time of start, facebook was restricted its membership in Boston area. Now this the time, there is no restriction to register. Over 13 years old, anyone can easily create a facebook account for membership.

Are you known that most of the facebook users are high school going or college students? It was found by mark zuckerberg and his friends. It was launched by February 4, 2004. Now this is the time to know that the actual how many facebook users globally have.

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How many facebook users

Facebook has total users worldwide 664,032,460. Total world population is 6,930,055,154. So, 9.6% of the world’s population has a facebook account. It has 50 million active users on October 2007 and 100 million active users on august 2008. An average facebook user has 130 friends.

An average facebook users spends 700 minutes per month on facebook. I found more interesting that, facebook has get 5.3 billion fans everyday; 55 million statuses updated every day, 70 available translations. 70% of users are outside the United States.

150 million users currently access facebook with mobile devices. I think this statics for facebook is very interesting to read.

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