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Have you come across online retailers in the United States that don’t provide shipping facility to your country? In many cases, they do offer the facility but the amount of price is so high. Woefully, this is a common problem. Additionally, in many cases, US retailers don’t offer good and flexible service to international customers.

Once upon a time, I had gone through that problem and found a solution. Uniexpress Global Trading Corp. is the best solution for these kinds of problems. They have extensive experience handling international shipping operations. Their customer service is excellent. There is no tension to choose a retailer, they’ll make sure that our goods arrive in a perfect condition.

If you want to receive and manage mail at your US postal address, Uniexpress Global Trading Corp. is the right decision. You will get an option to check the mail received at your US postal address through the online portal.


I think this option gives me total control of all my mail nonetheless of where I am in the world. Then, easily you will be able to view the mail have received directly from the portal. This includes letters, documents, packages, and anything else you might receive.

After viewing the mail, you need to instruct through the control panel whether to shred it or have them to post it to your desired location. Then, company correspondent will ship the correspondence using one of the following mail postal services – DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS, among others.

Basically, to get a mail-in US postal address, the company will give you an actual physical address in the US. Then one of the shipping agents from the company will be received mail of any type. If the received item is the letter, shipping agent can scan your envelope and upload it to your account on the mail portal.

This company has shipping agents are located in the US in the most states. Through this company, you can also choose a shipping agent that is close to the retailer you are buying from to make sure that you benefit from the shortest possible shipping times and the lowest possible cost. You can also make sure the shipping agent is in the same state as the retailer so you don’t have to pay sales tax.

Uniexpress Global Trading Corp. also has extensive experience dealing with customs. Whatever help we need when shopping or doing business in the US, they will do their best to provide an efficient solution.



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