How to Lock A Drive In PC Without Using Software

We always keep our many important files on our PC w without lock a drive. But sometimes, we see that many people use ouPCpcor many reasons. For this, sometimes many of our important files are deleted by them unwittingly.

To get rid of these problems, we need to lock our drive.If I say, lock a drive without software…..!!See this.

Sometimes, we also don’t want to someone see these files from my PC. For this, we need to lock a drive for our privacy reason. We already published how to lock a folder. Now writing on how to lock a drive.




We also published how to partition hard drive.There are many software available for doing this job. And there is also much software to break these driver locks.

But here I will help you to lock a drive without software….!!

You can lock a drive without any help of this software. So, you can lock a drive without any software so that no one could see your documents. Then your privacy will be maintained.

So…Follow this article to lock a drive without software.

To lock a drive accurately, you need to follow these steps properly. Don’t do anything out of here. If you do, you will in trouble definitely.

  1. At first go running on your computer and then type their gpedit.msc. Then you will see there a new window. At the last of that window, you will see there an option Administrative Templates. Then click the first option of that window windows components. After that click on windows explorer. You have to click as like as this-Administrative Templates> windows components > windows explorer.
  2. Then there will come a new window. Then click on <prevent access to drives from my> and press ok on enable option. Now no one can open your drives of your PC.
  1. If you want the lock only your C drive, then click on prevent access to drives from my computer and then click on the drop down menu and select C drive. Now your C drive won’t open.
So, now you can lock any drive of your computer by following these steps.These will help you and others to lock a drive or driver. And now we can lock a drive without any software by reading this.
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