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What does it mean free web hosting? Is it worth to get free web hosting? How it going to influence on your site? There are a few web hosting companies that are selling a free web hosting. I will start with Weebly. From my experience I can tell you that free web hosting has its own benefits, but paid hosting is always giving you more.

You can see that from the customer reviews and customer testimonials, I made the research, they tested and here is the list of the best free web hosting company and one paid, for me the best one and the cheapest right now.

Weebly-Free Web Wosting

Excellent user experience, whit fluid site loading and understandable features. Compare with the sharing paid hosting from JustHost, they are sharing one server, with shared disc and shared CPU, and this means you are sharing one single server with thousands of other users.

They use whole server infrastructure to serve their users, your site won’t capture anything bad or wrong, and it’s like using JustHost. There is one good thing besides these of using Weebly there is no space for ads.


JustHost, web hosting company maybe you must pay for it but comparing whit the features that you got it’s nothing. Whit unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mails, unlimited space I think this is more important than having a free hosting and expecting every minute to surprise negatively.

Your site can fall anytime and then I’m not sure that you can contact the support team and fix anything in certain time. So my advice pay the treatment of your site if you truly want to have succeed of it. For only $2.95/mo. you got 24/7 customer support, 30 days money back guarantee, one register account and a lot more things about JustHost features you can read and learn on this link below:

AgilityHoster-Free Web Hosting

Another free web hosting which will fulfill some of your requirements for have a hosted website, because without it you can have anything. Here you get 1000 MB disc space, compared to JustHost there is unlimited.

5 GB Monthly traffic, 1 domain hosting as same as JustHost, 3 subdomains, compared with JustHost they are unlimited, FTP access and file manager, 1 My SQL database, PHP , Perl, CGI, Installer for Joomla and WP, POP3 and email. JustHost is offering pretty much the same things but in hundred time better optimized and preformed.


There are a lots of other free web hosting companies but all of them are offering you different types of hosting and guarantees. Some of them are TopCities, Batcave, InstantName, DotEasy ect.

Now I want to answer to the questions from above. Is it free hosting better and right for you?

This kind of hosting will cost you zero and for this “price” you get a half of the features that you can get with paid hosting for ex. JustHost. If you want to see what free hosting can offer you read this review till the end and you will figure out a lot of facts and statements?

You will for sure safe money and won’t worry if some extra costs appear. Here are some pros of having this kind of hosting:

  • You will be able to try how is it to host a website
  • You can test your website, what kind of hosting you need
  • You need a hosting for short period of time, you can try whit this one

If you search for reliable web hosting company whit 24/7 customer support and anytime available than you should definitely try JustHost. Shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting that everyone can afford it. I think it’s better to pay for something that really worth otherwise you will have a lot of problems and your site won’t work as you want. It will block all the time, your customers can not find and open it at all.

If you plan to construct big and massive website JustHost shared hosting won’t be enough for you, try with dedicated or VPS hosting. Have your own server, and take everything under control. Of course the price will be bigger, but you won’t regret you are buying something where your money will be back at first few mounts.

Free PHP Web Hosting

A lots of popular apps are written in PHP, and a lot of the customers will be extremely interested in how well free PHP scripts are implemented in these. Limits of using free hosting are: slow customer support, limit emails, nonexistence of auto install scripts.

Some of the PHP limits at the beginning could be:

Pros and cons of using a free web hosting next in this review

Make the difference and choose by your own.


  • It is made for everyone, just go on the site and start the hosting
  • See it, read the conditions and start the hosting, see how it will work, then decide which one you will choose
  • There are no obstacles то transfer into JustHost paid hosting


  • Unreliable uptime, loading pages very slow equal to losing customers
  • You must pay for your own domain name
  • Primary thing for a successful hosted website is having a well-educated customer support team

I will advise you something that I already experienced, because of having an unreliable free web hosting is better to make a research, read the reviews before even making the hosting. If you decide for a free web hosting than set up your back up data just for any case.

TheHostingReviewer website has a lots of review incase if you get in hosting world. Get some discounts and coupon codes for JustHost and get this hosting for 30% and 50% OFF the regular price. We as a team suggest you to take a look and make the comparison, it can save you from losing your time, money, patience and customers.


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