An Interview With Shahzad Saeed from WpBlogTips

I am very much excited to publish another great interview in my blog. This is number 11th interview in Talkandtalkers Interview Series. I am very happy to do this. Because, i love people and the work successfully done by them.

I want to give thanks from bottom of my heart to Shahzad Saeed for accepting my interview request. Also, I am respect the bondings that created earlier.

shahzad saeed

As a part of the formality, please introduce yourself?

I am Shahzad Saeed from Currently, I am working as digital strategist & internet marketer for a service based web design and development startup which was co-founded by me and one of my college mates.

How is your environment when you started your blog journey?

I have blogged since 2008. For a few years, blogging was just time pass for me. As we had laptop and free wi-fi in our college campus, most of my friends were hyper active on social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook.

Instead of spending time on social sites, I chose to blog as I feel like it is worth spending my time.

Over the time, I started making money from blogging, and I came to know that this is what I am really good at. So after college, I decided to be a full time internet marketer.

However, now I don’t blog as I used to be on my college days.

How you drive traffic for your blog?

My favorite way of getting traffic is from guest blogging. I also used to conduct giveaways on one of my blogs, where I drove many social shares for giveaways.

It’s like you share my content and I’ll give you some free stuff which worked a lot better.

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?

Hmm… hard question! I don’t use many paid tools other than a web host and e-mail marketing software.

I prefer GetResponse for e-mail marketing as I feel like it is comparatively better solution than AWeber.

And, as free tools… I used to use some free WP plugins like Super Cache, and also I use other necessary tools like Google Analytics and WebMaster tools.

Why you choose WordPress for your blogging niche?

I started my blogging career on platform. Later I found that, I was looking for much more than what Blogger is offering. Like, WordPress helps me to self host digital products I offer for free like PDF ebooks.

And, at WordPress, it is so easy to create custom landing pages which I know that I’ll need hardly to promote my products in future.

So is specifically for amateurs. I don’t regret the fact there are some professional blogs on also but it is so rare.

How do you Monetize your Blog?

AdSense, sponsored posts, and selling ebooks. Occasionally I take freelance writing projects also.

How many times your blog took to give you first penny?

My first dollar is from AdSense ad. I started monetizing my blog after 2-3 years since I started.

PageRank is the sign of the authority. Do you believe after getting Pagerank, a new website will see some traffic?

Not at all! Some of my PR0 blogs generate more traffic than some of my PR3 blogs. So traffic and PR are not dependent to each other.

What is your current traffic and earning stats?

I am not sure exactly how much traffic now my blogs generate as I am not regularly blogging now. I used to get about 500 daily visits for when I was active.

Till now, I didn’t monetize WPBlogTips.

I used to make about $100 monthly when I was active on, which was my hobby blog during college days.

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

Hmm… the most memorable moments are those time we spend with our blog readers.

2 years ago I launched a premium e-book for college students on one of my blogs. It is good to know that people around the world are still downloading that paid e-book which I stopped promoting 2 years ago.

Say something about my blog?

As working for a design startup, one of the good things I found on your blog is it has no distraction.

In addition, conducting interviews can be great not only for building community but to build a long-lasting relationship with people too.

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

No matter, what your passion is, whether it is blogging or something else. Always follow your passion and never give up.

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