An Interview With Amar Ilindra from GeekDashboard

Welcome back to Talkandtalkers interview series.I know you are very excited to read another great interview. This is a 3rd interview from my interview series.Today my interview person is none other than Amar Ilindra.

I think, this interview series will help new bloggers to learn many things from their favorite blogger. I want to thank Amar for giving his valuable time.

Amar Ilindra
As a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?

Hi Taposh Kapuria,

Thanks for your time here for my Interview. This is Amar Ilindra, Blogger from India; Andhra Pradesh. I’m cool, calm and fun generating boy doing my 3rd year of computer science engineering from my native.

I am mainly blogging at which is a technology website where you can get the latest news and updates on Computer’s, Smartphone’s and lots more. Apart from blogging, I love sketching, working on Photoshop and coding.

Mistakes are always a part of life. Have you ever made mistakes as a newbie blogger? If yes, what were they and what lesson did you learn from them?

Humans are born to make mistakes. One who learns from their mistakes will grow higher. During my early days of blogging journey, I made a hell lot of mistakes. I made my first blog at and wasted about 6 months there and later started a fresh new site Geek Dashboard in WordPress.

Once it started getting decent organic traffic I started another couple of sites which is one of the mistake I have made. I failed to concentrate on all these sites at the same time. Finally, I give up those two new sites and worked totally on Geek Dashboard.

One more is working as a content writer for other blogs. I always feel writing on our own blogs in better than writing for others unless you are a full time content writer without blogs in hand.

Never try two or more blogs at the same time, if you are serious about blogging.

According to you, what are the most use Plugins for a WordPress user?

  1. WordPress SEO by yeast
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Broken Link Checker
  4. Akismet
  5. Gravity Forms

According to you, what’s the best and worst features of WordPress?

Best part about WordPress is plugins. Millions of plugins are available for free. Apart from plugins; Easy customization of themes, user creation and SEO are best features.

As WordPress is being used by many people, Attacks on WordPress sites are increasing daily. If you are not aware of security issues, the chances of being h**ked is more.

Do you think, blogging is a good alternative of regular Job? If yes, then why?

No doubt, if you have a strong family support; blogging is an alternative to a regular job. You will be your own boss with your own rules and timings.

It is always better to earn working from home rather that working under a roof with 100 people around you 10 hours a day for just 30k a month. Blogging has very high potential and even you can earn in lakhs months with a well settled blog. See also:Upcoming problogger Vishal Sharma From Allbloggingways

How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?

I usually spend around 5 hours during college days and even more on weekends.

Which blog which you follow regularly?

  1. Labnol
  2. Mashable
  3. TNW
  4. TechCrunch

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?

  1. Long Tail Pro
  2. Market Samurai
  3. SEMRush
  4. Ahrefs

The new Bloggers often finds it difficult to drive traffic to their blog. When you were new to blogging, how did you manage to bring lots of traffic to your blogs?

I followed proper on page and off page SEO and I managed to get enough traffic from Search Engines and Social Media.

How can a new blogger make a decent income from his blog?

I always advise a new blogger not to work for money. Blogging is not meant for money. If you are passionate about blogging, keep writing for your readers and money will start flowing to your accounts. You can earn from Adsense, Affiliates, Advertising and many more.

According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?

Writing skills are most important to be a successful blogger. Choose a niche you are interested in. Technical skills are not required in most cases, but it does help with blogging.

How do you monetize your Blog?

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Reviews

What is your current traffic and earning stats?

I’m getting a decent traffic daily from search engines and sorry I’m not interested to disclose my stats and yes, I’m sure I can buy a brand new laptop every month with my earnings. So, now you can estimate.

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

I still remember the day when I received my first Adsense check and affiliate earning from click bank. My first PR update will still stay as a memorable incident in my blogging life.

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

Don’t blog for money. Blog with passion and money will reach you automatically. Don’t keep all eggs in one bucket and never give-up and keep patience. Success will follow you definitely but not immediately

Happy Blogging

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