Some Interesting Moments With Carol Amato

Now I am feeling so great with my interview series. Every day, I am browsing internet more than 3 hours. Most of the time, I have tried to make relationship with others internet buddy. Following this rules, today, my guest is Carol Amato.

This is number 12th episodes on Talkandtalkers Interview Series. I am felling so happy to talk with him. When I knock him for interview, he was very busy with his family and blogging career.

Carol Amato

But, now she is feeling free to talk with me. I would want to give thanks to Carol Amato for accepting my interview proposal.

As a part of the formality, please introduce yourself?

Thanks, TAPOSH, for inviting me today – I really appreciate it. :-)My name is Carol Amato, and I have been working full time online for four years now. I am an online entrepreneur and thoroughly enjoy helping folks start and build an online business. Here is my website CarolAmato .

How is your environment when you started your blog journey?

As we all know the Internet changes so rapidly, so four years ago when I began there was a lot of noise about push button businesses, and businesses in a box…The focus was on get-rich-quick products, which we all know does not exist. It takes hard work and dedication, as well as time, to get a business up and running, and most importantly, profitable.

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How you drive traffic for your blog?

I have an entire process for driving traffic to my blog, which is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for content syndication. Sharing on social media, sending an email to my subscribers, sharing on blog networks, etc. One of my favorite traffic sources is Triberr.

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?

My favorite tool is Lead Pages, which is a paid tool for creating landing pages and oh so much more. My conversions have really increased with Lead Pages. For free tools, I like a plugin called Ice gram for list building. It’s the bar on top of my home page for signing up to my list.

How do you monetize your Blog?

I offer products and services. My main offer is my Mastermind Coaching membership. There are also high quality tools/programs that I’m an affiliate for, which can be found on my Tools/Recommended Resources page.
How can a new website plan their marketing strategy?

Your entire marketing strategy should have a foundation of list building. Capturing leads at every chance is the winner’s way to marketing. Understanding what your reader/visitor is needing is the first step to knowing what to offer, then connecting by offering a solution to their biggest problem/frustration.

How many time your blog took to give you first penny?

I started four years ago, and I made money in my very first month as things were a bit different then. My first dollar was earned by being an affiliate for products that I bought myself, used myself, and thought were really top-notch. I only recommend something if I can stand behind it 100%. You can be an affiliate for your email professional auto responder, hosting company, etc.

PageRank is the sign of the authority. Do you believe after getting PageRank, a new website will see some traffic?

Page rank is not my focus. It’s more important to have relevant information that’s valuable to my visitors. Making sure my content is written for humans, written in a conversational tone, and addressing the problems of my target audience – Offering solutions for their biggest frustrations is most important.

What is your current traffic and earning stats?

There are some bloggers who print earnings reports with detailed breakdowns of each earnings categories, but I am not one of them. I’m always trying to increase traffic, but more importantly, conversions.

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

The best part about my blogging journey has been to meet and develop friendships with wonderful people of integrity – what a blessing to meet so many awesome like-minded folks who have become my life-long friends. I’ve been featured on many sites and a guest on several podcasts which I really enjoyed.

Say something about my blog?

I really like the fact that is a place that reaches out to like-minded bloggers and connects with them and highlights others in your market. Very kind and extremely smart.

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

Do what successful people DO, not necessarily what they say…?This means BUILD A LIST. All successful entrepreneurs are building a list of raving fans that brings about the benefit of having traffic on tap.

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