Interesting Information for Mozilla firefox 4

Mozilla firefox is the number no 1 web browser for surfing. I already wrote an article based on Mozilla firefox global download statics.

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Interesting Information for Mozilla firefox 4

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Interesting Information for mozilla firefox 4

  1. Day 1> 7.1 million downloads
  2. Day 2> 8.75 million downloads
  3. 15.85 million total downloads
  4. 10,200 peak downloads per minute
  5. 5503 average downloads per minute
  6. 91.7 downloads per second
  7. 193.4 million megabytes downloaded
  8. 6.63 million top region Europe
  9. Top country united states 4.45 million
  10. If each download were a mile that had be 33 round trips to the moon
  11. Bigger than the population of los angeles, the 12th largest city in the world
  12. Equal to the entire internet population in 1995

Mozilla firefox  already published  their latest version of mozilla firefox. You can also free download Mozilla firefox from here.

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