How To Increase Website Traffic With Long Tail Keywords

Do you want to  increase website traffic?  For an introduction, traffic is the main lifeline for every website. If you running a WordPress blog or other any kind of websites, that doesn’t matter. If you want to run a successful website, then you need to increase website traffic.

Why You Need to Increase Website Traffic?

If you want to earn from your blog, then you must need to know the tricks about how to increase website traffic. Hey, all of my friends I have some valuable questions for you? Do you have enough traffic to your website to earn from your blog? Are you tensed to how to increase website traffic?

Does your website be new? Do you want to increase search engine ranking position in major search engines? I think, you minded lot’s of questions. In my thoughts, this questions are as usual. Because, if you invested money on your blog, then you must want to earn from from it.


increase website traffic


Yes, you are in the right place  if you want to increase website traffic. This tutorial is only for you. You will get valuable ways to increase website traffic from here.

Here, I have tried my best to give you valuable tips to increase website traffic for any kind of website’s. I think that is really needed for you and you are searching from several days. This should be really helping you buddy.

Increase Website Traffic with Long Tail keywords

There are lot’s of methods to increase website traffic. But among them long tail keywords are the best to get quick visitors from search engine. Are you heard about long tail keywords? Do you have any idea about this?

Probably you heard about these terms from many bloggers. Long tail keywords are those that have at least 4 words according to my thoughts.In my opinion, they are not board keywords like single words. I am giving you some example. Give some attention on this.

Example keywords are-

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites list

Free social bookmarking sites list

I have given 4 keywords as an example above. You notice that from the first keyword to second keyword, I have added one extra word and made it long tail keywords. Now go to Google Adwords and type these keywords you will see something like that

How To Increase Website Traffic With Long Tail Keywords

Now, what do you understand from this results? You are seeing that first keyword have 9900 average monthly searches and the second keyword have 6600 average monthly searches, third keyword has also 6600 average monthly searches and fourth and last keyword have 2400 average monthly searches.

This chart shows that board keyword have huge searches and high completion in search results and long tail keywords have low monthly searches, but competition is low.

So what do you think now? Which type of keyword will you select for your next post? You must need to write based on a long tail keywords. If you write on based on long tail keywords, this decision is wisely for you and for anyone.

If you target long tail keywords then you will see good results very quickly. And if you target board keywords then you have the lot of competitors in search results and you will not see the desired results.

Ways to Increase Website Traffic With Hittail

I have another solution for you. You can easily get keyword suggestion from Hittail. These days, Hittail is very popular for getting keyword suggestion. They have a great feature to increase your organic traffic.

The Numa Group

Always try to write your blog post based on the long tail keywords. That will help you to increase website traffic. So why you are wasting your time by reading this tricks regarding increase website traffic? Just make your dream live.

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