HostGator VPS Hosting- Why You Will Buy

Before you buy HostGator VPS Hosting, you need to know what is VPS Hosting actually, how it works, it’s advantages and disadvantages. VPS means you want to go for a big. That’s not the end. You can also go for Dedicated servers. So, at first we will go for its proper details.

What is VPS Hosting??

Actually, VPS Hosting is the short form of Virtual Private Servers Hosting. It is like a machine and it’s sold as a service by an internet hosting service. There are many internet hosting service, they provide it on their own way.

VPS Hosting is one kind of Web Hosting accounts. You need it to host your website online. For it, you will have to setting up and manage your server. But it’s not only expensive but also difficult, too. By purchasing a web hosting it allows someone to rent space on a web server and make it easier.


All three of these web hosting accounts are similar. They all give you a web server to run your website on. But among them HostGator VPS Hosting is the best.

Why VPS Hosting is Different from Other TWO Hosting (Shared and Dedicated)?

Dedicated servers are to rent an entire service. It is optimal for those who has a high traffic on their websites. Not everyone needs to use this dedicated web hosting. If you are in starting, then you can rent a little space for your website and can save your money.

And the other one Shared web hosting is when you share a portion of the server with other users rather than rent an entire server. This is the reason that most of the people use VPS Hosting. That’s why you need to get VPS Hosting.

How does A VPS Hosting work??

Actually the technology behind it allows you to run several operating systems on one machine. For example you are use windows XP, but you can also run other operating systems like windows 8 or 7 without restarting your computer.

What is HostGator VPS Hosting??

HostGator VPS is completely customizable and can be upgraded any time as your site grows. It is truly dedicated functionality without the expense.

Pro’s of HostGator VPS Hosting

  • Extensive support are provided for VPS servers. You will get this support without any additional extra charges. It also provides an added security.
  • You lease this system directly from your HostGator and these are tend to be set behind their own firewalls. And these are away from hackers.
  • Every time you are able to vary the amount of memory or hardisk space to this site.
  • Actually it is an excellent value for all companies or even start ups that are no tighter budgets. For the beginners it is helpful, it saves their money and give them a free space for their website.

VPS hosting has many advantages but VPS hosting contains some disadvantages too.

Con’s of HostGator VPS Hosting

  • Your hosting company may not issue you with your own IP address. Since hosted sites on the same IP addresses are sometimes grouped together this may result in your site being banned from search engines.
  • Under these platforms users share many things. This sharing may result in an inability.

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