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You have a website and looking for the best hosting service provider. But at this time, you need lots of Diskspace, Bandwith, dedicated service. Day by day your traffic is increasing rapidly. So you need a dedicated server and Bandwith to give good readership for your readers. So you need a good web hosting.

A dedicated server can solve this problem. You have huge Bandwith, high speed server so never slow down your website, can add lots of video tutorial, high formatted image. Henceforth, you have no bindings. You don’t need to go with any kind of control. So for a dedicated hosting, you don’t have any crossing lines.


Reasons for Buying Dedicated Server Hosting—

  • As your website’s traffic increases, you will need a huge amount of band-with. VPS and Shared Hosting can’t tolerate your website with this excessive band-with. You will need Dedicated server to run your website. Usually Dedicated hosting contains a large number of band-with as well.
  • Dedicated Server is the only one server which will help you to run a big website and to tolerate the band-with and traffics. It contains a big storage space, as you need more space for your website.
  • If a web project needs a lot of processing power, then shared hosting will be too slow to run. It can be happen with those projects which perform a lot of server-side calculations. Either, because they do have a large traffic. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that all the hardware’s potential is at your service.
  • A dedicated server is used by the person who buys or rents it. But it is important to note that dedicated hosting usually comes with the responsibility of managing own server.
  • If you need a Dedicated Server without performing administrations, it’s called “Managed Dedicated Hosting”. All providers offers dedicated hosting providing the option to manage a server with full service for their customers.
  • When a web project requires large amounts of RAM, then a dedicated server is the only way for this. Here the complete data base has to be held in RAM to perform lightning fast. With shared hosting, RAM constrained to every to every user.

Now you have an idea why you need to buy dedicated hosting. As so as I know, Facebook has total 28 dedicated servers and Google has 32. Dedicated has more features to worth your business. You can also buy your dedicated servers from https://www.host.ag




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