How to Get Rid of Spam Email

Spam email getting in our email account is very common these days. This issue made almost international problem. Many of us changed their email address to get rid of these problems. Now let we see how to get rid of these problems.

You can’t stop these spam email 100% but you can stop 80% if you follow this instructions. Now this is the high time how we can get rid of this problems.


For Yahoo Mail

In yahoo mail, you will get most effective ways to stop spam email. You can’t not use it because you don’t know about this feature. I am amazed with this amazing spam guard feature.

Now I am seeing that, I have only 40+ emails in my spam folder. From this we can understand how many spam mails we get every day.

For Yahoo! Mail

  1. At first select option. Then go to Mail Options.
  2. After that go to General Category.
  3. Now you will see a box named “Automatically move spam to Spam folder” below. If it is not checked till, then check the box.
  4. Now save your thing.

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For Yahoo! Mail Classic

  1. From Yahoo! Mail toolbar go to Mail Options.
  2. Select spam protection from below the button spam.
  3. If spam guard is not on, then turn on.
  4. Then click save and come out.
  5. You can also make report for those spam email who will over to come. Then yahoo will find them.

For Gmail

  1. Log on to your Gmail account. Then click settings button located on upper right side.
  2. Now click on filters button from different tabs.
  3. Now click the button create a New Filter from below.
  4. Now you will see a popup window. You need to fill up empty field.
  5. Write “in:spam” in “Has the Words field”.
  6. In next popup box check “Delete it” box and in below check the box beside “Apply filter to”. Then click “Create Filter” button.
  7. Now new filter will be opened. From now, all spam email will be deleted automatically.



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