GBOXX: The Power of Entertainment Right at Your Fingertips

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t watch TV? according to a recent study, an average American adult spends not less than 4hours and a half of TV viewing every single day. Everyone enjoys being entertained and what could ever be more exciting when you’re watching all your favorite TV shows and movies for FREE–yes FREE. We know you’re probably thinking right now, “nothing in this world is free” well, maybe not anymore.

From the Nielsen report conducted in June of this year, the availability of online media streaming like, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime is now being accessed by 50% of U.S. TV households. People subscribe to these digital content with fees that are dependent on how many you want to watch, what movies to watch and what kind of picture quality you want to get. Imagine an average of $1,200+ spent every year just for these subscriptions!

These digital entertainment giants have captured the online market but not everyone is aware that you can also have the same access through a different device. Discover the GBoxX Media Launcher. Simply called GBoxX, it is the latest device that can give you access to all your entertainment cravings right in the comfort of your home.


You won’t have to worry anymore if you missed a blockbuster movie in theaters because GBoxX has it covered! Your favorite TV series, sporting events and up to the minute local and international TV channels is within your reach with just one single device.

All you need is the GBoxX and your TV–a plug ‘n play process that will let you stream all your favorite shows online for FREE! So why do we keep on saying that it’s FREE? because GboxX doesn’t ask you to subscribe to any monthly or yearly fees, no more extra subscription fees everytime you want to watch something that is on the “latest list” or anything that is on demand. Whatever you want to watch you can find it on GBoxX with no extra charges and hidden fees!

Gain access to more than 1,000 TV channels across different countries and languages such as, Arabian TV, Asian TV, European TV, Latin TV and more! through this free online TV streaming device, you can also catch up on your favorite TV series in real time viewing so you won’t have to miss an episode ever again!

Purchase the GBoxX and watch all you want, when you want it and where you are–yes everywhere you are! you can bring the GBoxX wherever you go and just plug it on a TV or to any Android device. How cool is that? Truly, your home entertainment experience will never be the same again.

Take charge of your online entertainment lifestyle and be free from unreasonable online TV streaming charges! Don’t miss out on this chance to finally own a device that works with your kind of entertainment and offers you more than what you could ever imagine.

Give it a try today and see the difference!


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