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                               Colleges aren’t emphasizing cyber security, but we are
The last thing a company or school wants is for some nefarious entity to hack its computers. Can you imagine all the trouble caused when websites and emails are hacked?

Interestingly, according to the security company CloudPassage, only one of the top three dozen college computer science programs requires students to take cyber security classes. While colleges may teach programming, they’re largely ignoring the teaching of secure programming, and that’s not good.

In today’s world, where companies, schools and commerce rely on secure information daily, there’s definitely a need for more people to be trained in the details of information security frameworks. Awareness about cyber security issues, too, can help businesses and educational institutions pro-actively fight off cyber attacks before they occur or do major damage.

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Rather than just have a once-a-year talk on cyber security that employees can easily forget, it’s better to give them a consistent, structured program over time so that cyber security is always on their minds.

CyberTraining365.com exists to not only train people to develop a cyber security mindset but also offer industry and custom certifications recognizing they’re well-versed in specific industry concepts like A+, Network+ and Security+. CyberTraining365.com offers certification for CHFI’s (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators) as well as CISSP’s (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals), among others. These various certifications are delivered by top industry experts and security analysts including the author of the Gray Hat Hacking book.

Furthermore, CyberTraining365.com can keep employees up-to-date on cyber security issues through training related to defending against malicious software and persistent threats, among other timely and relevant concepts.

Find out more information about CyberTraining365.com’s cyber security training and certifications here:

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  1. The computer education in many countries is very primitive making the citizens more prone to hacking problems and theft. So the future world technology education should be advanced.
    i liked your blog genuinely.

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