Free Sudoku Game- A Good Time Passer

Are you looking for free Sudoku game for your smartphone? It’s always tough to pick perfect Sudoku game for your phone. You will get many excellent Sudoku game for your phone like simple Sudoku, Sudoku Dragon, Sudoku works, etc.

I played many of them. Now I can recommend best free Sudoku game for your smartphone. You can pass your leisure hour by playing Sudoku game. It can be a grand time passing game for you. You already played lots of hard and cumbersome games with your phone. Now it’s time to play a soft play.


Recommended Sudoku Game

There are many excellent Sudoku game available on Google play store for the phone. If you don’t like to play free Sudoku game on PC, you can try with a mobile phone. It’s easy to carry forward and easy to play at any place.

My recommendation is to play “Free Sudoku.” You can easily download this free Sudoku game from Google play store. And then install it on your smartphone and enjoy the game.

My recommended “free Sudoku” is a puzzle game. The puzzle game is always exciting to play. You need lots of concentration to play this game. You can’t get over this game quickly unless you are a super puzzle. You can play free Sudoku puzzle by lots of time. You will get a happy end.

My recommended free Sudoku game is super timer passer game for anyone. When you play the game, you can train your brain. This version is very lite. Its file size is less than 2M. Very fast to install and easy to start a new game.

A good time passer. And at the same time, you can train your brain. It’s a very lite version. Less than 2M. Fast to install and start a new game. It has lots of features. Here I have listed some of them.


● Three difficulty levels- You will get three difficulty level to finish this game. You can select level according to your excellency.
● Auto-fill,  and also you can shut this feature- You can shut this game quickly. It is Auto-fill.
● Check errors- You can check the errors to solve the problem when playing the game. It’s very easy to answer.
● Clear notes- People can get explicit notes about the games.
● Auto-save- Main attractive feature and very necessary to save the game.

The Bottom Line

I think, it’ going to an excellent puzzle playing session for you. You can train your brain at that moment. Hope you will enjoy the game. If you face any problems, you can contact five-star support.




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