How To Make Firefox 3D Mode With Easy Ways

I think you all are well. Today, I have come to you with something new. Firstly, you don’t have to bear any extra charge for this. On god telling… So, let’s come to the point. Today I will show you how making your internet browser Firefox 3d mode.

I can’t believe that I am going to make firefox 3d…….

3D means three dimensional. Just till now you are using this three-dimensional aka 3d for design, development and for others. But just think, if you use this three-dimensional as Firefox 3d, then how fun will it for you. Firefox 3d mode…

firefox 3d

For making our internet browser in firefox 3d mode, you only have to follow these steps……

  1. At first, open Mozilla Firefox (in this case I am using Firefox 25 beta 1)
  2. Go to any site that you want to go.
  3. Click the right button of your mouse anywhere and then click on Inspect element.
  4. Now you will see there a box. firefox 3d 2
  5. Then click on 3D View.firefox 3d 3
  6. If you are using an old version of Firefox, then you will get some options there.
  7. Now close the box.
  8. Now enjoy the 3d version….


  • You can visit the site by using Left button.
  • You can pass the site by using Right button.
  • You can Zoom in/Zoom out by using the scroll button.

This is the most  interesting post I have ever made. Now you are ready to browse your firefox 3d mode. I have already published 25 google chrome desktop shortcut tips. Take a look there also.

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