Fallout 4 Review- Outstanding Game

It is an outstanding game which is actually set in the post-nuclear apocalypse version of Boston. In the historical context of the game, the Boston was once known as a historically and culturally rich city, and with contemporary unraveled academic prestige, but all you can see in Boston now is ruined buildings and deserted lands.

Wherever you go, you are haunted by death and desperation. The story of the game is so strong that you cannot just look away; you keep on discovering the hidden mysteries once you start playing the game because it’s so addictive. All you can find is a wasteland.


Struggle and Surroundings

You can go wherever you want, you can deal with people however you like, but you always need to watch your back because you will find zombies coming after you. You have to struggle to avoid different things like radiation poisoning and wounded limbs. You can take shelter in the dilapidated train station, but you have to do it at your own risk because, here too, your enemies might be in wait.

An alternative way is that you can inject yourself with drugs to get back on your feet, and these drugs will give you heightened perception and strength as well. You can purchase the t-shirt for this game from Sunfrog, you may use coupon code to save.

Fallout 4 is a very engaging and intoxicating experience because you can follow the traces of your family to find them. Overall, when you play the game, you come to realize that Fallout 4 is rather an extension of Fallout 3 instead of a sequel. You may also associate lack of novelty with the lack of progress, but as you play on you care less and less.



The combat in the game is mainly comprised of attacks and gunplay. You have a lot of weapons to experiment with; you can choose a sniper rifle to kill the enemy from distance or you can chop its head off with an ax. You can also modify and upgrade your weapons as you collect more and more daily life items.


Different Perspectives

At any point in the game, you can switch between third or first person perspectives. Another interesting thing is that you can choose to fight in real time, or you can choose to fight by RPG radio command system. The second feature allows you to pause the game for a moment, or it can be simply said that it slows down time for a moment so that you are able to aim perfectly at your enemy.

Building Sanctuaries

The game is not entirely dark; it also has some salvation perspective. You can build sanctuaries for the local people to live in. You can also scrap the junk that you find in the city, you can make shelters, and you can plant gardens as well as you can fortify defense system. All this process of creation is very interesting, and you can build many unique things this way. But, if you don’t like creativity, you may not like this perspective. In the game, you have the ultimate power to rescue Boston from the evil. You may purchase the CD Key for this game from G2A.

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