Essentials You Must be Aware in order to Land Your Dream Oracle DBA Job

Databases are most commonly used the term in modern businesses. Oracle, an expert in object-RDBMS, is one of the most complicated databases in the world. With the rise in software technology tools across the industries, need for DBAs is also emerging.

DBAs are the people who aid companies in maintaining and securing the huge volumes of data. The Oracle DBA job market is flourishing as DBAs explore in handling things like design, security, and accomplishing other data management tasks. Below are certain essentials one must be aware of if aiming to make a career as an Oracle DBA Expert.

What is Database Administration?

Database administration is mainly incorporated by the companies to create, update databases based on their data collection needs internally. A DBA position offers a chance to be creative in obtaining solutions for complications involving developing and testing database. These solutions involve writing scripts, testing functionalities and safeguarding numerous company data.

Is Database Administration Right for You?

If you are into the idea of constructing and administering system databases for an organization and possess the desire to explore more on computer software, concentrating on skills of database administration will ensure a chance to explore what you enjoy most. As a DBA, ever-expanding knowledge will help in troubleshooting the issues and learn ways to correct it without losing data.

What Educational Qualifications are required to Become a DBA?

Oracle DBAs must possess basic skills in almost every IT function as they uphold the ultimate responsibility for the safety of the data, database design, its implementation, backup, and recovery. One thing to remember: DBAs must not only have skills in areas like operating systems and computer science, they must also be well versed in business and communication skills.

Corporate enterprises are reaching out to candidates who possess both technical as well as managerial skills. When planning to make a career as a DBA, one must distinguish themselves by pursuing the right course. Possessing the knowledge of Oracle databases will certainly enhance the chances of being selected. But, how to efficiently sharpen skills to become an Oracle professional? This specific Training in Oracle DBA will definitely make you more marketable and can best prepare you for a career as a DBA in the best and the brightest organization.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Database Administrator?

Data storage is the primary concern to all sectors of enterprises and, therefore, the demand for DBAs is constantly on the rise. In addition to the sectors in information security, insurance, allied sectors, DBAs are also essential for the e-commerce industry. The Database administrator is responsible for all the functions dealing with the enhancement of database, storage, and retrieval. DBA is closely related to database management systems and determine methodologies to maintain and store data. In addition, he must create, examine, and troubleshoot massive data systems that store corporate data. DBA might also require working closely with data communication analysts and network systems to assure smooth functioning of both Internet and Intranet.

What is the Salary of a Database Administrator?

The market for experienced Oracle professionals appears to be stronger than ever. Oracle DBA jobs are extremely appealing, with salaries rival those of other professions. Oracle professionals are obtaining high salaries mainly due to two reasons. First, DBAs manage billions of worth databases. Second, Oracle’s database is the most robust and flexible one in the industry, and it often takes the time to learn its nuances. The salary largely depends on the roles of the DBA and it varies hugely. Generally, the annual salary of a DBA is somewhere around $65,000 to $85,000. But however, DBA’s with more qualification and more experience earn around $215,000 per year. A DBA earns pretty much more when compared to telecommunication, data communication, and network system analysts.


Oracle Database Administration

Career Opportunities in Database Administration

Advancements in technology and the need to store varied data on drives and in the cloud is driving the growing need for DBA. Particular departments that utilize the database administration skills to the full include Application DBA and System DBA. Other jobs that utilize database administration skills include Consultants, Project Managers, and Administrators, etc. The career of a DBA seems to be exceptionally fulfilling and luxurious. By 2018, the growth of a database administrator’s job is estimated at 20%. On the other hand, possessing the knowledge of relative technologies, such as Java and Apache, will certainly enable an edge over the others.


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