The Easiest Way to do a PDF to JPG Conversion

Sometimes you are working on a report and you generate a PDF report to show it your boss on WhatsApp or any other messaging app. But these apps only allow sharing of image files, hence you need to convert the PDF to an image file such as JPG to show it to your boss on his phone. And it is the situation where you need to use a file conversion software that can Convert PDF to JPG image. Here I will share one such software that I personally use to convert PDF to JPG quickly.

PDF to JPG Converter can quickly convert a PDF document to a JPG image. The PDF converter can convert any of your PDF documents into JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF image formats with just a single click without compromising on quality. The document will still have the same features as the original PDF. The converter maintains the same formatting and layout. You would barely be able to tell the difference.

The PDF to JPG Converter software is available at and also at

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Benefits of using a PDF to JPG converter

You can convert password protected documents; it can read password protected files and convert them to a JPG file. This means that you will not have to remove passwords from your PDF documents before converting your files. However, you will have to add the password when converting the file to JPG.

You can choose between black and white and colored; you can convert your PDF files from black and white to color or from color to black and white. It would be beneficial to convert it to black and white because it will be a lighter file. Files with color will be a lot heavier so you should consider that.


You can convert more than one PDF file; you can add many PDF files to the software and convert them all at once with one simple click. You can also convert all the files in a folder at once. This will save you a lot of time when you have to convert more than one file. You won’t have to spend hours converting files one by one.

You can select the resolution of the image; the converter supports the DPI (dots per inch) setting of image files. To get a high resolution picture you will have to increase the DPI. Beware however that higher resolution pictures mean that it will be a bigger file.


Easy to use; you can convert your files at the click of the button. It is a very simple software to use with very little complications. You can choose the saving folder; the converter allows you to choose a specific folder to save your converted file so that they are easy to find. If you do not select a folder the converted JPG will just be in the same folder as that of the input PDF file. This converter has a five star rating from Softpedia and People who have used the converter only have nice things to say about it. There have been no complaints concerning how it works.

The PDF to JPG converter is one of the best converters in the market. It is easy to use and you are able to retain the format you had used in the original file. It also gives you the option to select the color you would like and the level of resolution you would like. You also won’t have to go looking for the converted files because you can select where they are saved. Most people have been satisfied with the software. It is very easy to download and to install on your computer. Be sure to download it today and start converting your

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