Different Programming Languages Used For Inventory Systems

As today’s technology is advancing there are many programming languages to consider when investigating the right framework to build a bespoke inventory system. Yes there are lots of off the shelf applications however in some cases the client may request a bespoke alternative due to their business requirements.

So you have been asked to map out a bespoke Inventory system? An inventory system is generally used for stock checking both at the warehouse and DC. Companies use inventory systems to control the product flow in logistic, supply chain and for managing any kind of inventory in general.

Yes there are ready to use applications and services to help you manage your inventory, however if you run specific business with unique work-flow, you can always create one from scratch.

A key element to build into your scope is to ensure you have output functionality or investigate Dsync XML data feed export to website. Since your inventory system will need to interact with other applications such as the web store, ecommerce system or even the POS system.


To find out more about XML data feeds companies like Dsync provide a platform to synchronise the data into various applications. An important part of an inventory systems functionality is the ability to talk to the other business systems the company is running from finance, operations through to front end sales.

In this article we will cover number of programming language that suitable to create inventory system from scratch. Visual Basic .NET According to research, Visual Basic .NET or VB.NET in short is multi-paradigm, high-level programming language implemented in .NET framework by Microsoft.

Its successor to its origin: Visual Basic and Quick Basic. Many developers argue that you can’t go wrong with this language however it is debatable. It must be noted that it does depend on what kind of enterprise client that you’ll build the system for, generally speaking your inventory system needs to integrate with existing infrastructure such as the type of database.

When talking databases further research into the use of Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server or another large-sized database system. If that the case, then the choice of VB.NET may be an interesting programming language to consider.

Java is another great multi-purpose language to consider. Developers can write once and run it anywhere with this language. From workstation, server, desktop to embedded system, and more recently Android phone. So if you feel that the inventory system should run in multiple platform, from desktop to mobile, then Java is another interesting choice to consider.

PHP If you want to develop inventory system in web. PHP is another choice to consider. Widely used, PHP is server-side scripting language designed for web development. And if you plan to outsource your development process, it’s easier to find developer talent than have expertise in PHP all over the world since it’s used for almost 240 million web sites.

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