Difference Between Google Plus and Facebook

Google plus and face book are most popular social networking sites this days. It has already gained huge popularity in their audience.

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Google+ Facts

  1. Launched of date June, 2011
  2. Registered users 170 million
  3. Active users 100 million
  4. After launch Google plus was adding over 10 million new users each month, the fastest growth of any network.
  5. The average users are 67% male, 28 years old, actively posting and viewing content and Google plus are in more technical fields like engineering and web development.
  6. Google plus users are more technically savvy than their face book counterparts.
  7. The top brands on Google plus are android, mashable, chrome.
  8. Top brands on Google plus are all part of the technology industry.
  9. Google plus focuses on user content and the most popular posts reflect that.
  10. Standard out features are circles and hangouts.
  11. Marketing strategy for Google plus are segment with circles, post long form content, post videos and pictures often and embrace new features like hangouts.

Face book Facts

  1. Launched of date February, 2004
  2. Registered users 900 million
  3. Active users 530 million
  4. The average user 57% male, 38 years old, less technical and most of the people are busy on liking other content.
  5. The top three brands on face book are coca-cola, Disney, star bucks.
  6. Top brands on face book are consumer brands from various industries.
  7. Types of content shared on face book are likes, status updates, comments, pictures.
  8. Standard features user base, face book ads.
  9. Face book is geared more towards traditional marketing serving ads and messages to a large audience.
  10. Marketing strategy for face book are engage users on personal level, target audience with ads, posts must cut through clutter.
  11. Do not overload users with posts.


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