How To Copy From A Copy Protected Webpage Very Easily

Let’s start. You already understood what I am going to post. Today my post is all belongs to how to copy from a copy protected web page very easily. Several times, we need to copy from a web page for the different purpose. We use it in education, study etc.

But you noticed that, Many, websites are copy protected or right bottom disabled. Also, many web page uses normal tool, but you can also copy from this copy protected website using any tool.

Copy of a copy protected website is so easy now.

One thing if you are suffering from privacy problems such as someone else also using your computer, seeing your personal file. Then you can lock your folder without any hustle. This is very easy task.

Also, suppose you need to partition your hard drive and you don’t know how you do it, then must read my post how to partition a hard drive without using any software. This will help you also bro.

Today I will show you how to copy from a copy protected website….!!!

But there are also many websites who use high-quality tool to protect their self from the content stolen. In this reason, you cannot copy from this copy protected web site normally. You need to something different tool to solve this.

copy protected

But this is an era of modern technology. There is nothing impossible to do. But you just need to do it very smartly. This is also ridiculous for net sinners. If there is a problem, there is also solved. Not only copy-protected tool is available but also the tool for copying is also available.

How you can copy from the copy protected web page.

For this work, we need a very little browser add-ons. That’s name is Web developer add-ons. You can use this add-on for different browsers. But, I will show you only this tips for Mozilla Firefox/Google chrome.

This is the web developer add-ons main website. You can also add this add-on in your browser from here. Here is the link

copy protected


copy protected



Now open Mozilla firefox browser again. Then you will see that a small toolbar have already added there.

copy protected

  • Now when you need to copy from a copy protected website, you just go to the corner side. Here is the direction. Disable>Disable Java script>> Disable All Javascript. Check this option. Now you can copy from a copy protected website. You can also use this tool for web developing purpose.

copy protected

On this way, you can copy from a copy protected website 100% But you will not succeed every time. Success rate will vary from 80%-90% If you face any problem again, then you can contact me anytime via the contact form. Also don’t forget to share this post with social media.


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