Convert Any Type of Video To HTML5 Very Easily

When you publish your content on your blog or website, then you add lot’s of images and videos to your post. I know you add less videos than images. Sometimes you don’t need to add any kind of videos. Here you are doing wrong. Visual has lots of power to attract lots of customers to your website.

Do you know that a video tutorial can increase your sales doubles? You are right. Not all kinds of videos, only professional, well described and well configured videos can increase sales. You know “First impression is the last impression” So you need to put lots of time to present your video.

Maximum time you embedded your videos from well recognized video sharing sites. You can do it. But you can represent your videos with the more catchy look by spending some times.


You can use converter to make your video more eye-catchy, well represented. You just need to use a converter. That will not take more than 5 minutes maximum. You can use my recommended converter “Easy HTML 5 Video”. Easy HTML 5 video converter app will create your video more eye-catching, good looking that will look amazing on any kind of devices and browsers.

Some features from Easy HTML 5 Video apps–

  1. You can convert 300 plus video formats from well-known AVI and MOV to latest H.265 and VP9. You don’t need to pay any kind of attention at your video quality. They already built some features to make your video to look clean and good.
  2. Don’t need to find tutorial to convert your video. Just create supersonic HTML5 video in 3 simple and easy steps – drop a file, tune settings then push the publish button.
  3. No tension to play your video. Your video will play in all devices and browsers, including legacy IEs and old Androids/iPhones.
  4. Without getting any problem, you can use this app for big fish embedded websites. Forget about YouTube or paid video hosts. You can place videos directly to your server!

Here I have listed the steps briefly to use this awesome app that will save your time to use this awesome app. It will take only 3 easy steps to convert of your video to HTML 5 video.

1. Drag-n-drop video file to Easy HTML5 Video;
2. Set poster image, select codecs, tune settings;
3. Press “Start”.

As a result you’ll get an html page with all necessary code, images, and videos. EasyHTML5Video apps make your life easier with HTML5 video! So what are you thinking about it? That’s not the end. Even can’t imagine that future. Will count your time to use this app. I am using this awesome app. Why you not?



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  1. Hi Taposh,

    Most of the people try to find out such type of tools. You know whenever people find any video and they don’t find any tool to convert that video. It’s really frustrating.

    A great tool is shared here. And let me tell you one more thing. You should your Twitter handle so that you can know when anyone shares your post at Twitter.


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