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The one thing that concerns organizations the most is, enterprise data not been uniform. Which is why companies are opting for solutions dealing with data safety, backup and recovery that embed complete scale of data sources, types, media and backup modes — including snapshots and streaming.

With all the above features included, the eventual thing is to uphold a discrete solution for each definite prerequisite of backup and recovery. And with Commvault, it is attainable. Commvault’s integrated data security approach gives a single and complete outlook of all data stored no matter where it is, either on premise or in the cloud.

What is CommVault?

CommVault can help transform data into a powerful strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable to preserve, retrieve and utilize all of the data anywhere and anytime as a powerful strategic asset.

CommVault’s absolute single-platform architecture accord companies with unmatched sway over data growth, costs and risk. Every day, more and more companies join to undiscover the unparalleled efficiency, performance, reliability, and control only CommVault can offer.

Commvault software includes the solution of customized data management for managing backup services of health care, and other big data environments.

Why Commvault?

In this competitive environment dealing with mergers and divestitures, Commvault is a compatible and authentic choice.

Commvault is acting as a paramount in its way to data backup and recovery with strong potential to execute completeness of vision – reasons to get to know Commvault are:

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is the ultimate independent ranking report for authorizing decisions about prior enterprise investments in backup and recovery. For the sixth time in line, Commvault has been named as a pioneer. And this year with highest rank under the “ability to execute.”

The Gartner report highlights critical insights of Commonvault, that include:

  • Permitting move to the cloud
  • Directing workload portability challenges from traditional data center to the cloud
  • Avoiding vendor lock in
  • Modernizing your disaster recovery
  • Safeguarding applications, both on premise as well as in the cloud
  • Acquiring service strategies
  • Procuring access to the best revolution and vision in the market.

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What can Commvault do for you?

Below are the key points that mention how Commvault can aid you in preserving, accessing and using of data irrespective of place and time by turning it into a robust asset.

· Flexible and Simple Software Licensing

Commvault’s adaptable approach procures software to incorporate the organization’s distinct requirements and objectives, and to streamline the purchasing approach.

· VM backup and recovery

Commvault’s single software solution extends a unique approach towards VM backup and recovery that even comprises of advanced features to save time and money.

· Cloud backup and recovery

With support provided for major cloud providers, namely Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Commvault makes it easy to manage multiple environments either public or hybrid via a single interface.

· Email archive

Commvault software overcomes the toughest email archive challenges ever, whether on premise or in cloud environments, by lessening the jeopardy allied with corporate, legal governance.

· Endpoint data protection

Commvault makes sure that the data that has been created and stored on digital devices are fully shielded and made accessible with a self-service recovery portal from any web browser or mobile device.

· Snapshot management and recovery

Commvault’s automated approach makes it effortless to transform time-taking manual scripted tasks into repeatable and uniform operation for governing snapshots across multiple vendors’ systems.

· Self-service with superior search

With Commvault’s virtual repository, users are permitted to explore for live, backed-up and archived data among themselves with extreme granularity.

Key Innovative Features of Commvault

Commvault’s new solutions brought together a broad range of inventions, all depicting additional business insight that redefine the market,

Key features of this software platform include:

  • Rationalized administration across an individual console; view, organize, and access all functions and data across the organization.
  • Diverse protection techniques dealing with backup, snapshot management, and content indexing for eDiscovery.
  • Methodical storage supervision employing deduplication for both disk and tape.
  • United with the industry’s storage arrays to functionally deal with indexing, hardware snapshot copies across multi-vendor storage environments.
  • Total administration of virtual infrastructure maintaining numerous hypervisors, including VMware.
  • Advanced safety measurements to restrict access to critical data, dispense granular organization abilities, and deliver single sign on access for Directory users.
  • Policy based data administration and hindrance of backup commodities by organizing data based on business needs.
  • Self-service attainable by end users, to allow protection and recovery of data using tools like browsers, Microsoft Outlook and File Explorer.


Commvault software delivers an efficient, reliable data protection environment while keeping costs under control. It’s software products, features, and solutions are evidently varied, to meet the desires of various workloads, infrastructures, and applications — from snapshots to streaming. Its automated approach gives users a sole, outright view of their total data no matter where it actually inhabits.  Get Commvault training to land in a high paying and demanding job.

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