Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Animated Explainer Videos

It is found out to be a side effect from the human ancestor’s caveman days when colors played a crucial role as far as survival is concerned. Back in those days, it was an important life skill to know the color of berries that were edible and the type of animals that were dangerous. At this point in time, there are some colors that can make you feel certain things and this is why you will find specific colors that are always associated with various things.

How many fast food chains make use of yellow and red for their logos? This is because people relate yellow with happiness and speed, while red triggers stimulation like hunger. This might sound far-fetched but this is also the reason behind a lot of companies that use the same colors over and over again.

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The color that you choose for your animated explainer videos depend on the type of message that you want to put across.

Read on to discover what some colors convey for you to find the perfect choice for your animated explainer videos.


Black tends to be risky since this can be associated with control and boldness or with sophistication. This will largely depend on the design and the other colors that will be used.


White is usually associated with cleanliness and hygiene. Excessive white, however, might end up reminding viewers of hospitals and this is not typically such a happy association.


The opposite of red, blue creates such a sense of trusting and calm, particularly when light and dark is used together. This is also the reason why most banks make use of color blue.


Red is known as the power of color that creates strong stimulation and emotions so this must be sparingly used as attention grabber.


This color is oftentimes associated with femininity and can give a soothing effect for your animated explainer videos. This is commonly used for products that exclusively target female customers.


Yellow is friendliness and optimism. This is best suited for products that would like to convey a message of youthfulness and fun.


As expected, green will make you think of balance and nature. This is the perfect choice for conveying a message of health, particularly when used with orange.


This is the color associated with meditation, spirituality and relaxation and this is also mostly used in aromatherapy products.


Grey is sometimes associated with boredom yet when you manage to get the right combination or tone, this color can turn your message from anything professional to something that speaks of relaxation.


Brown can be a great alternative to black since this is quite serious although it does it in a more soothing way. Also, this is associated with warmth and nature and when used properly, it can be very effective for animated explainer videos.

Color selection is among the most crucial factors if you want to relate to all your target audience on a deeper and more emotional level. Explainer video company that specialize on animated explainer videos will help you find the right color combinations that will best suit your business and convey the message in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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