Improving Your Website Ranking with Cheap SEO Tactics.

Google has gained a lot of popularity as a web-based tool and is recognized for great awareness importance by most online entrepreneurs. Good enough it has been growing providing services more and more for everyone, virtually you could do anything from the comfort of your home, finding locations, research, tutorials that teach up-scale skills.

 A lucrative source for bloggers as they offer even monetary value for your web when someone seeks out information that is contained in your website. What else can you ask for?

In antiquity when ranking your website requires you to outsource your SEO to someone in the Philippines and then wait for them to create a spammy linking strategy for you to be able to rank your pages for your targeted keywords. The good news is, there are cheaper SEO strategies you should look out for a blooming and growing business, help you get in the good books of Google and most of all economic.

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This article will put you through highly effective and yet affordable SEO tactics that you can venture into so you could rank your site in Google and also other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Cheap SEO Tactic 1: Creating Long Form Blog Content

Why? Contents with long forms have more chances of delivering superior value to readers when done right.

You kill two birds with one stone when you create and publish a long-form article.

Firstly, your content would be keyword rich impressing Google to show users so that they derive optimum value. Let’s just say your content becomes Google friendly.

Next, your visitors pay more time on from your impressive content whenever they pay the visit to your website increasing your duration and decreasing your bounce rate. This tells google directly that you have a worthy and quality page.

Studies carried out in 2012 which included analysis of over 20,000 keywords. This led to a discovery that among the top 10 searched results, the average length of these pages was of 2,000 words. The top three ranking websites were also included in this study and an average of 2,400+ words was discovered.

Cheap SEO Tactic 2: Regular Update of Old Content

This is a very important tactic in SEO, the key idea here is maintaining your rank. The more you update your content, the more your ranking with Google. This process, however, is easy and free to apply, giving you continuously improving results on your rankings.

 Just as creating and publishing content is necessary, the importance of updating contents that are original cannot be overlooked. Generally, original contents become old contents with time and ranking with Google is reduced. The tactic is to refresh your contents because this is a determining factor used by Google for websites with relevancy and high quality.

 There is assurance of new search traffic coming to your website once Google finds out you have an updated content. Like said earlier, this is a simple, easy and cheap seo tactic.

Cheap SEO Tactic 3: Effectiveness of Internal Linking

As proved, you gain a lot of points and website-recognition on Google improving search engine ranking by publishing quality content which can attract relevant links. A good thing to note is how regular you publish your contents, but other tactic people seem to overlook is ‘proper linking’ adding both internal and external links to your contents helps your SEO ranking a lot.

 This tactic allows you to build on both your on-page SEO and off-page SEO with internal and external linking respectively.

 Cheap SEO Tactic 4: Working on Site Page Speed

Have you ever visited a slow website and bookmarked it? No, of course, the experience of a slow website is never a good one at all, not for anyone. Gone are the days when there were slow internet and slow websites, this an improving age of broadband. Having a slow website does not only make you lose visitors, but your business as a whole.

Surveys made proves that 55% of web users leave pages that load 3 seconds or less and 47% would want a page to load in 2 seconds. Yes, it’s a fast moving world, no one wants to be left behind. Don’t chase your visitors yourself with a slow site page especially if they are first-time visitors

Everyone is looking for a good and efficient experience. And that is what you are supposed to offer if you want your business booming. If you have been confused about how to go about such in a cost-effective way. Try out these shared SEO tactics, they are cheap, tested, effective and efficient. However, if these discussed tactics would take so much of your time, take few minutes to fill out this form so we could discuss more on other SEO tactics that will suit you most.

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