Characteristics of an Ideal Extruder Machine

Extruder machine is very essential in plastic production industry. Achieving optimum production line operation, it requires lot of connected machines and equipment. That’s why it is important to know what qualities must have in an extruder machine. That will help to select appropriate extruder machine and gain the most out of your investment.

Here, I have listed some characteristics of a good extruder machine. Hope, this will help you to choose right machine for your factory. Also, I am introducing a company DRTS which have a stock of good quality extruder machine.

Single and Double Screw Extruders

DRTS offers a wide range of single or double screw standalone extruder machines. It has output range from 5 to as high as 1200 kg per hour, depending on plastic material properties and application. To produce PVC piping, a Double Screw Extruder is required for proper powder mixing and processing.

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Ease of use & integration

Generally, extruder machine is used to operate as part of a series of downstream connected machines. The machine offered by DRTS is a combination of various features which is very easy to integrate and operate and one step above the other.  Extruder machine upgrade to an existing production line. It also use as part of a new turkey production line.

For Example:

  • Modern PLC/HMI extruder control:

This feature enables extruder machine to communicate with a SCADA system and upstream or downstream production line machines. It makes the extruder machine very easy to integrate and operate smoothly with any production line.

  • Remote control options:

This feature provides the ability of on the spot monitoring and data acquisition which helps in line integration and optimizing the extruder machine’s performance. This feature also gives the ability to utilize DRTS online live support and addressing production issues in a cost efficient, timely and accurate manner.

  • Direct drive material feeding system:

On double screw PVC extruder machines DRTS uses a direct drive material feeding system instead of a regular dosing system. Direct drive dosing ensures extruder feeding with a precise quantity of material at a consistent pressure. This results are constant extrusion productivity and output, as well as maintaining superior product quality and physical properties, strength and appearance.

High quality construction, components & parts

DRTS extruder machine uses standard off the shelf components from industrial manufacturers instead of locally sourced, no name brand or outdated components. This ensures spare parts availability and ease of servicing, as well as reliable and high performance operation.

Extruder screw, barrel & gearbox

The vital important parts of a plastics extruder machine are the screw, barrel and gearbox. These are the components who work the hardest or have the largest product contact and are subjected to extreme thermal as well as mechanical wear and tear. For the screw & barrel, DRTS uses specialized Bimetallic or Nitrated components, manufactured by leading vendors of metallic industrial parts,

Electronic components

High quality electric components is critical for the operation of a plastics extruder machine. It ensures good operation, modular parts replacement, easy troubleshooting and low maintenance downtimes. DRTS uses high quality electronic components from world class leading industrial brands like Siemens, ABB, Omron, Schneider and Celduc.

DRTS extruder machines make use of the latest technological advancements in ceramic heating elements for the barrel, to the B&R, Siemens and Omron control panels and HMI, DRTS ensures its extruders are reliable and productive, while remaining serviceable and easy to use.

In short, if you require expertise to select plastics extruder machine, DRTS can provide the expertise and consultation required for a successful selection of your plastics extruder machine.

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